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Lipo of Mons Pubis and How to Reduce Swelling/Edema of This Particular Area?

I believe this is a very challenging area to reduce swelling because I sit all day at work. Its only been a week since my surgery and i do understand... READ MORE

Can Too Much Compression Cause Edema? I Think my Garment is Causing my Abdomen to Swell

I'm using a Vedette Dual Compression body suit post abdominal lipo. It's giving me a very hour glass shape, however, my lower abdomen seems... READ MORE

How do you help alleviate edema after lipo?

I just had 2 L of fat removed from my inner and outer thighs 10 days ago (5'4, 136lb) and I seem to be retaining an obcene amount of fluid. Could this... READ MORE

Post-Liposuction Generalized Oedema

I had laser lipolysis done to remove saddlebags on both my outer thighs 10 days ago. estimated 7.5 litres of fat was removed. developed transient... READ MORE

Edemas in Legs After Abdominal Liposuction?

Hi, I had lipo done to my abs 2 yrs ago. I wore the compression garment for months afterward, but the surgery was botched and I have awful results. I... READ MORE

Sagging skin after submental lipo, or just swelling? Only 31 yrs old. (Photo)

I had lipo abdomen, arms and submental. I have good skin elasticity. 9 days postop and noticing wrinkly, weird looking skin under my chin which hang... READ MORE

Any suggestions for ankle edema after abdomen Liposuction?

Q about edema-not at the site of the lipo procedure. At 7 weeks I travelled for work. After the first flight I noticed severe edema in my ankles,the... READ MORE

Post Lipo - which other treatments help recovery and results?

Besides lymphatic drainage massage, what other treatments work to help the edema, swelling and hard lumps get better? Ultrasound Cavitation?... READ MORE

Swelling or Botched Liposuction. Any suggestions? (photos)

Had lipo 24 days ago with fat grafting for an appendics scar. 24 days out I look horrible. For the the first 7 days I kept my CG on as instructed.... READ MORE

How much it will take for swelling & edema to resolve after liposuction of abdomen?

How much it will take for swelling & oedema to resolve after liposuction of abdomen? READ MORE

Abdominal pitting edema 4 weeks after a minimal amount of lipo. Normal?

Hi! I had a scar revision of my 12 yr old c-section scar 3 weeks ago. I am very fit, flat stomach etc, however I had a small "flap" of skin where my... READ MORE

Are IV fluids dangerous after liposuction?

I read that Iv fluids after lipo may increase the risk developing pulmonary edema and are contraindicated. I have IBD and i am always a little... READ MORE

Edema or seroma?

I had lipo to stomach mons area READ MORE

Do any surgeons (cosmetic or plastic) use recommend High Volt Estim or Motor Level Estim for post surgical edema & pain control?

I'm considering getting liposuction to multiple areas of my body. I am aware that edema persists for several weeks to months after the surgical... READ MORE

Nothing changed visually after two sessions of liposuction. Do I still have edema?

Hello, Male 29, 187cm 86kgs I had liposuction from my abdomen 2 times, I am totally unsatisfied with the results The last liposuction was 3 years ago,... READ MORE

FACIAL SWELLING/EDEMA: ethylprednisolone or betamethasone?

About to have cheek microlipo, with fat transfer to the temples, upper eyelids blepharoplasty, and tip refinement/alar flaring reduction. Im concerned... READ MORE

I have skin laxity after upper arm and calves lipo. Any suggestions?

I had lipo on my arms 4 weeks ago, and while there was noticeable overall shrinking, the top part of my upper arms look almost the same - my skin... READ MORE

I have a swelling after abdominal liposuction. When will I find out what is causing it?

I did abdominal liposection befor 7 days and I develop edema ecchymosis and heart swelling when I get result of operatio? READ MORE

Liposuction of flanks, abdomen and hips. How long does it take for the pain and edema to go away?

 I have had lipo before but the pain on my abdomen and edema is immense this time. My doctor says he took only 1100cc (about 2.42lbs) which... READ MORE

Is lymphatic backup a potential complication from liposuction?

I had liposuction and a mini tummy tuck, in 2 stages, 6 months apart. A full tuck couldn't be done as I have a large cholecystectomy scar that he... READ MORE

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