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Liposuction Drainage

I have an appt scheduled in late Jan to get liposuction on my abs and flanks done, then soon after I'll be going back for my inner and outer thighs..... READ MORE

Can I Drain a Seroma Myself?

I think I might have a seroma because there's a fluid pocket in one of the areas I had lipo on.  Do I have to go to the doctor, or can I just... READ MORE

What Happens if All of the Fluid Doesn't Drain out After Liposuction?

What happens if all the fluid does not drain out after liposuction?A few of my holes were closing about 3 days after smart lipo. I pulled one open and... READ MORE

Air Pocket Under Skin After Lipo Without Drainage

I had Lipo done on my abs, hips, flanks and upper back 3 days ago, and there was no drainage put in. I have 10 holes and was told that they would only... READ MORE

What is a Liposuction Drain & What Does It Do?

I've been reading up a lot and considering a Tummy Tuck. I have a tight abdomen but loose skin and stretch marks. I was advised that Smart Lipo would... READ MORE

Male, Had Lipo of Abdomen, Flanks and Pubic Area. My Scrotum is Enlarged to Size Of Baseball?

I had abdominal, flank and pubic liposuction yesterday. I am wearing the compression garment and pain is okay. Drainage of fluid is proceeding as... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Not Have Any Drainage? (photo)

I had liposuction on my abdomen, hips, thighs and knees yesterday and so far my body is completely dry. I'm not complaining! I just want to know if... READ MORE

What Should I Expect from Drainage Fluid After Liposuction?

I had liposuction of abs-flanks on Thursday. Was told to return to doctors office following Tuesday for checkup to include removal of compression... READ MORE

Draining Bright Yellow Fluid 5 Days After Liposuction?

I had ultrasonic liposuction done of my waist and hips (love handles). He removed 1 liter of material, with three incisions made on each side. The... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Liposuction to Waist and Thighs the Swelling has Not Decreased and am Now On Diuretic, What Can I Do?

I had liposuction of the waist, hips, inner and outer thighs, and knees approximately 5 wks ago and have endured significant swelling from each of... READ MORE

Bright Yellow Drainage After Tumscent Liposuction

I had tumescent liposuction a week ago and I drained out a lot of fluids but just yesterday it turned all bright yellow? I'm super swollen and itchy, ... READ MORE

Why can't my doctor drain my seroma with a syringe? (photos)

I went to my doc about my seroma while in her office after I had a ct at the hospital she looked and felt several very large seroma. She tried to... READ MORE

4 wks post op Liposuction 360, I developed fibrosis 10days later & feel firm around my midsection. Any suggestion? (photo)

I feel this might of happened as i didn't wear my compression suit for a 6hrs. I had radio frequency treatments combined with lymphatic drainage... READ MORE

Pus Draining After Liposuction?

I had liposuction done 8 weeks ago and have had pus draining from one of the cannula entrance sites. I saw my surgeon and he is treating it with... READ MORE

Is is standard for a PS to stitch the small holes after liposuction?

This will be the second time I have had liposuction but with a new doctor. She will stitch the holes afterwards and I have to go back a week later to... READ MORE

Have to Have Fluid Drained Every Few Days 3 Weeks After Liposuction

I had Liposuction 3+ weeks ago on my torso... My Dr. now every few days is having to drain (via a syringe) fluid from my lower ab area. Is this normal? READ MORE

Is fluid left from abdominal liposuction after taking the drainage out dangerous if not taken out?

My girlfriend had abdominal liposuction exactly two weeks ago. During 1 week post op, the nurse had to use a needle to take out some fluid. She took... READ MORE

10th day after lipo and my stomach is looking deformed. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had lipo of the bra line, flanks, upper and lower abdomen on May 14th. I'm wearing compression garments and lipo foams underneath. As you can see,... READ MORE

Liposuction Swelling 17 days post op

I am 17 days post op and had lipo on the belly in prep for a tummy tuck in the spring. My surgeon thought this would yield the best result, so we did... READ MORE

I had tickle lipo a week ago. Should I ask my surgeon to drain it? (Photo)

My vagina top was smaller at my check up Now it's BIG and PUFFY an,squishy,, It sticks out,its heavy kinda,do I a abscess along with seroma? Or ask my... READ MORE

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