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Differences Between Fat Grafting, Liposuction and Body Contouring?

I was encouraged to have fat grafted onto my breasts to prevent rippling. It was taken from my skinny little legs but I was left with rippling,... READ MORE

Abdomen region has no shape with a bit of loose skin. What procedure would be best? (photos)

I believe I would need minimal work done Some areas when pinch are loose skin. I want to even this out. I also noticed i have some lines above my... READ MORE

Depressions and unevenness after liposuction for fat transfer (photo)

I had liposuction with fat transfer to the breast six months ago. The fat transfer was great...the liposuction has left my skin with depressions and... READ MORE

Is there any way I could get a doctor to sign off on Liposuction with insurance?

For the last 18 years i have been suffering with being morbidly obese im 26 now and i have done everything under the sun to loose the weight and its... READ MORE

Recently had Lipo on the outer thighs. Would you say the marked spot is due to overresection ? (photos)

I didn't have it before and don't have it on the other side. I worry that it won't even out during the healing process. Of course I know that skin... READ MORE

What can be done to revise deformities from old lipo?

Lipo suction has left me with a large depression and protruding scar tissue on one leg and wrinkled, deformed areas above the knee. Is there anything... READ MORE

Depression on cheeks after lipo of cheek pouches. Is this common? What should I do now? (Photo)

Hi Right after the lipo I noticed a depression on cheeks (see (blurried) pic ) - and lumps under my chin as I also got lipo there (still there). 5... READ MORE

Disabled veteran receiving SSD. I'm 34, 190lbs, 22% body fat. I want 10% body fat at 170lbs. Am I a candidate for lipo? (Photo)

I have ptsd anxiety depression currently receive ssd and va 100% service connect. I use love workout and sports. Now I struggle with alcohol addiction... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for liposuction? Depression, lack of self esteem, inability to lose weight. Will a PS even work w me?

Tried every diet/life style change to lose weight. never successful. goal is 180. family are obese. No thyroid problem. Worked out 2 hours 5 days a... READ MORE

What would be my choice to help me get my figure back? Would large volume liposuction work? 5'3 180lbs. (photos)

I lost my son and his father two years ago and I have lost 28lbs out of 60lbs I gained since then with diet and exercise. I havent been able to lose... READ MORE

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