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How to get rid/remove of hip dents? (photos)

I have very large hips on my small body frame, and underneath are huge indents. It's always looked weird to me. I'm also super tall so it's more... READ MORE

Left with Dent and Bulge After Inner Thigh Lipo

I had inner thigh liposuction last year and my left inner thigh was left with a huge dent with a bulge of lose skin above it. My doctor said I would... READ MORE

What Foam Insert to Use Inside Garment After Lipo to Prevent Dents?

I'm almost 2 months post-op & have worn my garment on & off for circulation reasons plus other reasons. I'm still very swollen &... READ MORE

Lumps and Dents After Liposuction

I had Liposuction done 3weeks ago, and now have a big dent underneath my belly button. I also have lots of lumps all over my abdomen, which my doctor... READ MORE

Can Scar Tissue Build-up Beneath the Skin and Lumps/Dents After Liposuction Be Improved?

I am 10 months post liposuction on my abdomen. I had a small fat deposit and the area around my belly button suctioned. I have a seroma develop very... READ MORE

Dent Between Waist and Hip. How to Fix It? (photo)

It frustrates me that between my waist and my hips, on the sides of my pelvic bones, I have a dent, causing me to have like a "second waist" instead... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fix the Asymmetry and Dent After Liposuction?

I had a bit of lipo done on my left butt cheek in order to achieve more symmetry. Problem is she lipoed too high up and this created a... READ MORE

9 weeks post op and have small dents and discoloration after lipo in the abdomen. Is this permanent or can it be fixed? (photo)

I'm currently 9 weeks post op from liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and the mons. I noticed some small dents above my belly button almost... READ MORE

Numbing Solution in Fixing Dents and Lumps from Liposuction?

About 2 years ago, I had Liposuction done on my thighs and flanks. I ended up with a few dents and lumps. Recently, I went to a different doctor for a... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Love Handle Lipo: Is This Dent Normal Swelling or Left over Fat?

I had a FTT & Lipo of the love handles. As you can see in the full rear picture the Right Side has settled down, but the Left side is still... READ MORE

4 Months Post Liposuction, Dent and Pudge? (photo)

I had my procedure done November 30,2012. I went in for a check up in February but I am wondering why the bottom part of my stomach is bigger than the... READ MORE

How to treat fibrous scar, adhesion, or dent after inner thigh Liposuction? Can massage & tissue mobilization remedy this? photo

3 months post-op, noticed dent at 2 months. Skin feels tacked down to the muscle. Felt a 1" long x 0.5" wide fibrous band of tissue underneath the... READ MORE

1 Week 5 Days Dent on Abdomen? (photo)

1 week 5 days post lower abs and love handle lipo. I love the results so far except for this dent between my upper and lower abdominals. I am reading... READ MORE

Liposuction Dents

I had liposuction done to my neck region and the procedure caused two hollow like dents. It really looks bad and I'm not sure what can be done to... READ MORE

Uneven Stomach with Dents and Deformities After Lipo?

I had lipo of my lower abdomen done in April of 2011. I wore a compression garment for a couple of months after the surgery. When I went for a checkup... READ MORE

Small Dents and More Cellulite 2 Years After Outer Thigh Lipo

12 months after outer-thigh lipo noticed what looked like an increased incidence of cellulite. Short, not teeny, shorts were not an option anymore. I... READ MORE

Hollow Dents After Liposuction / Neck Lift

I had threadlift with liposuction under the jawline, chin and neck 4 months ago which ended up exposing my platysma bands and producing hallow dents.... READ MORE

I have dents and I'm uneven after Liposuction. Is this normal? (photos)

I had liposuction done about three months ago and I'm far from what I use to look like but I paid 6,000$ And I'm not even in a lot of places but I... READ MORE

How do I fix damaged inner thighs due to bad liposuction?

I had inner thigh lipo over a year ago and am left with big dents in both inner thighs due to the surgeons overly aggressive technique. Is this... READ MORE

I Had Lipo on Saddlebag Area. Now I Have a Big Dent Under Left Buttocks. Will Fat Grafting Work for This? (photo)

I had lipo on saddlebag area. now i have a big dent under left buttocks . will fat grafting work for this . what can be done . should my goal just to... READ MORE

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