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How Long Do You Recommend Wearing the Compression Garment After Liposuction?

I had my flanks, back, under butt area, and a little fat under the arms done with Smart lypo. How long do you recommend wearing the compression... READ MORE

Liposuction Recovery Using Compression Garments or Spanx?

Can I use Spanx instead regular compression garments during my recovery from liposuction? READ MORE

Compression Garment Concerns After Lipo

I'm 26yrs old, 113 lbs and had 550 cc's removed from my stomach/flanks through Liposuction exactly 1 week ago. The compression garment the doctor gave... READ MORE

Will Stop Wearing Garment After Liposuction Ruin Results?

I had Liposuction for banana rolls 10 days ago and can no longer tolerate the girdle. If I go without it will it just prolong the eventual outcome of... READ MORE

Lumpy, Uneven, Hard Stomach After Liposuction? (photo)

It has been 2 weeks and my stomach is getting worse as the time passes. I asked my ps but he says they will go away with time. I am afraid that this... READ MORE

How Does a Compression Garment Help After Liposuction Surgery? (photo)

There a lots of references in the stories posted on Real Self about compression garments post-op. Don't really understand how a compression garment... READ MORE

Does Liposuction Leave Scars?

If so, how long would they take to heal for a patient under 25? is it true that special garments must be worn(for inner thigh lipo) and for how long... READ MORE

How Tight Should a Compression Garment Be?

I am one day post op for lipo of the abdomen and flanks. The compression garment I was sent home in had clasps up the front (with pads under to absorb... READ MORE

What Foam Insert to Use Inside Garment After Lipo to Prevent Dents?

I'm almost 2 months post-op & have worn my garment on & off for circulation reasons plus other reasons. I'm still very swollen &... READ MORE

Can a Compression Garment Smooth Hips?

I am young (20), skinny, and fit but my hips have a "violin deformity". I would prefer not to remove the fat, i.e. lipo, but to move it... READ MORE

Stage 2 Liposuction Garment?

Hi, I'm a little over 2 weeks post op from liposuction on my upper, lower abs and flanks. I received from my PS Spanx Super Higher Power... READ MORE

Is it good to use lipo board and foam under garment post lipo/ TT?

I hear people saying that they use lipofoam and a abdominal board under the garment post surgery what is the purpose of this and is it effective? READ MORE

How Important is a Compression Garment in Abdominal Liposuction?

I am 6 weeks out from having ab lipo and wore my velcro-type elastic garment religiously for 2 weeks straight (except for showering), and then... READ MORE

What's the Purpose of Wearing a Compression Garment?

To reduce swelling or bruising? Can I take a break from it maybe 2 hours a day? I was 118 pds and gained 10 pounds after the procedure. Today is day 5... READ MORE

Liposuction - What Type of Clothing Should I Wear Post-op?

I am scheduled to have a facelift in October along with lipo to uppper/lower abs, bra roll and hips. I plan to take off work for 2 weeks. My... READ MORE

Standards for Wearing Compression Garments After Liposuction?

I just had Vazer surgery done to my neck and waistline and stomach. The surgeon told me to wear the compression garments for three days straight then... READ MORE

Lipo 1 Wk Ago. Compression Garment is Creasing Between Hips, Waist and is Dented and Painful, Should I Stop Wearing It?

Lipo of abs and flank with fat transfer, one week ago. First garment was ex. small and was denting/creasing between waist and hips. It has become very... READ MORE

Removing Girdle After Liposuction

What's the limit of times I can remove my girdle within the first 3 weeks of my recovery after Liposuction? I know I should keep my girdle on as much... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post-Op Liposuction, Compression Garment Is No Longer Tight on Me, Should I Invest In a Smaller One?

I'm 5 weeks post op of liposuction on abdomen, hips, and inner& outer thighs. My compression garment isn't tight anymore, but my surgeon... READ MORE

Abdominal board vs Lipo-Foam under compression garment?

Is an abdominal board better than lipo-foam use under the compression garment? Is it necessary? At what point would one use this? In the hispanic... READ MORE

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