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Teenager with Enlarged Mons Pubis: Normal, Cost of Surgery?

Im 16 im 5'8 and 160 and i have an enlarged mons pubis i dont wear like bikinis of anything that shows my body off all of my friends have seen me... READ MORE

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Liposuction and Breast Reduction?

I'm really unhappy with my body due to starving myself then not etc I have tried diets and the gym I go 3 times a week or more and have been for 3... READ MORE

Can a 17 Year Old Girl Have Liposuction?

My 17 year old daughter is perfectly proportioned from the waist up (plus her buttocks); however her entire life she has had large thighs to the point... READ MORE

Fat under breasts, on top of ribcage. Tried diets/exercise, won't go away. Problem is that I'm 16. Will liposuction help?(Photo)

I have a problem area of fat under my breasts, on top of my ribcage. I've tried diets and exercise and it wont go away. The problem is that im 16 and... READ MORE

Can a 14 Year Old Girl Have a Liposuction, & the Fat Transferred to Her Butt?

My daughter has a parent's consent. Just I would like to know if it's possible. She weighs 155 & is 5'4. READ MORE

Would my 15 Year Old Daughter Be Aloud to Get Liposuction with my Concent?

She is 15 and weighs 222 she comes home everyday crying. I haven't seen her smile in years but when she talks about this she cant stop smiling at the... READ MORE

Could my 15 Year Old Daughter Have Liposuction?

My daughter is a healthy 15 year old. 5'6 125 pounds. She doesn't diet, just eats healthy and she's on the swim team. Despite being a normal weight... READ MORE

Can a 14 Year Old Have Liposuction and Transfer the Fat into Her Buttocks?

My 14 year old daughter has been asking me for liposuction. I was wondering if she is a candidate for it. Her height is 5'1 1/2 and she weighs 132... READ MORE

I'm 16 years old. With my Parents consent, could I get liposuction?

I'm 16yrs. Old, a female, my height is 5'3 and weight about 220 Pounds. I've been trying exercises and diets since I was 11. READ MORE

Can I get my banana rolls from under my butt removed at the age of 15?

I am a 15 year old girl, I do a lot of sport/ physical activity, I eat well and I'm a healthy weight. However, I have a banana roll below both of my... READ MORE

Can a 14 Year Old Have Lipo to Correct Mild Gyno?

Like puffy nipples had it my entire life so its not hormonal and i got a gym membership and met with a personal trainer (2 weeks ago) and she said it... READ MORE

Mons pubis reduction?

I'm seventeen and I've always been relatively/fit, and struggled with a large mons pubis area my entire life. I can't wear fitted skirts or dresses... READ MORE

Fat clustering around belly button, can't get rid of fat. (Photo)

I'm 17 years old and ive been fighting this since I was about 12. There seems to be a clustering of fat right above my belly button, the top actually... READ MORE

I am 16 and Iam Wondering if I Can Get Any Platic Surgery ?

Iam 16 and iam big 195 i had try alot of diet and extercise but nothing works and i was wondering if i can get any platic surgery i juist want fat... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a very large Mons Pubis?

I have always had a very large Mons Pubis. I hate it. I'm playing girls football in 2 days and I'd like to know how to cover it up. Our uniform... READ MORE

Can a 13 year old get major Liposuction?

Ok, so im 13 and about 256 give or take, I've tried diets, working out and stuff but never does anything. I've been over weight my WHOLE life, and... READ MORE

How Old Do U Have to Be. To Have Lipo Surge?

I'm 15 and being overweight has basically.ruind my life. I just wondering how old u got to be to get lipo surgery. Or the steps of geting the surgery.... READ MORE

What can be done about my huge protruding ribs? (photos)

I've always had a naturally tiny physique, but as I've reached my later teenage years, I'm now 17, my ribs haven't stopped growing, they are uneven,... READ MORE

Can a 13 Year Old Get Plastic Surgery?

Hi there, I have a daughter who is 13 years old. She weighs 127 pounds and is about 5 feet and 9 inches. I have brought her to various doctors (none... READ MORE

What Method to Remove Belly Fat Would Be Best for Me?

I'm a 17 year old girl who is very self-conscious about my body. I'm 5'7" and 160 pounds and I've been trying to lose weight for almost 2 years-with... READ MORE

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