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Could a 300 Lb Person Receive Lipo?

I weigh 300 lbs and almost all of my weight is the abdominal area. I am 25 and I dance ethevery day for exercise however the weight seems to make my... READ MORE

Large Volume Liposuction Only in India?

I am interested in of large volume liposuction however I am just shy of 300 lbs and 5'5" 34 year old female. I have found a Dr. in India who will... READ MORE

Liposuction or mons lift? (Photo)

24 Year old Male. 6 foot 290 lbs. I went to a doctor to inquire about possible liposuction on the pubic area. He recommended I get a "mons lift" (I... READ MORE

Im 22 5'5 290lbs I Was Wodering Would I Be a Good Canidate for Large Volume Liposuction.

Im 22 5'5 290lbs I Was Wodering Would I Be a Good Canidate for Large Volume Liposuction. READ MORE

Liposuction for Someone Weighing 297 Lbs?

I am currently 297 lbs. and I am still trying to lose weight. I exercise, minimize my meals and caloric intake, but the weight refuses to come off. Am... READ MORE

How much would I have to pay to lose armpit / breast fat? (Photo)

I am 19 years old and obese, weighing maybe 300 pounds. I have bitch tits. that go under my armpits and it makes me look like I have big breasts. How... READ MORE

Would lipo work for me? (Photo)

I have come a long way, my heaviest weight was 398 lbs. Today I am still losing but it has slowed down and I am tired of fighting my belly fat. I... READ MORE

I weight 300 lbs. Is it possible to get a Liposuction on my stomach and arms? (photos)

. This is a real problem and i can not take it anymore. iwould like to have 50% less fat on my belly and 75% less fat on my arms then i do now. im not... READ MORE

May I have your opinion on whether liposuction is a good choice for me?

I am 20 years old and I have been overweight for most of my life. It's an every day struggle to deal with the toll of emotional and physical obstacles... READ MORE

What's a good weight I should be to have a full body Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

At 309lbs I know there are some things I have to do before im able to get full body lipo and BBL what are some suggestions of things I can begin to do READ MORE

Is there a certain weight a person needs to be in order to consider having Liposuction?

I have been having issues with my legs and thighs and I have been trying to lose weight but it's hard. I weight 300 lbs right now and I am bottom heavy READ MORE

Extreme back pain, no cartilage in my lower back. I weigh over 300lbs and I used to weigh 140lbs; what should I do? (Photos)

I no longer can take the pain I'm tired of the medicine medicine I tried therapy I've tried exercising which is very painful I don't know what else to do READ MORE

Just want mommy pouch and fat gone. How much am I looking to pay? (Photo)

Ok I am a big girl I am currently 300 lbs 5 ft 1 and I want mommy pouch plus fat to be removed if I have bad credit but good with cars trucks homeson... READ MORE

I'm 40 yr a mother of 4(23-13), 290 lbs, and 5'6. I need my arm wings, my stomach, my boobs, my butt. Can you help?

My arms are flbby, my boobs have moved to the side, my stomach hangs but not low, and i have wide hips and my butt starts out up top nice then drops... READ MORE

About what weight can I get Lipo and the excess skin removed from my stomach and thighs?

I am 5'5. I currently weigh 300lbs. I have lost 50lbs so far and plan on continuing on that path. I am constantly doing excercises and watching my... READ MORE

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