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Revision liposuction is performed to correct complications from a previous liposuction procedure, such as asymmetries, indentations, and scarring. The surgery may be much like the first liposuction, or include other procedures like fat transfer or tummy tuck. However, there are some cases where the damage is too great and revision liposuction can't be performed.

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Second Time Around

Headed for Round 2. Liposuction of the lower abdomen, upper back, flanks, thighs, arms, and butt restructuring. I've received quotes from both my prior doctor, Luis Mejia in DR, and Raphael Gomez in Colombia. Decided on Gomez because of his expertise and the ease of service he offers. Colombia... READ MORE

Waist Tuck with More Lipo - Arlington, TX

Had full tt oct 2016 with replacement of saline to silicone implants lift and some flank lipo. I did have a revision on one breast in may 17 to correct that nipple that liked to make its appearance in bras and bikini tops he corrected it. However still had that muffin top went in for waist tuck... READ MORE

Lipo on Arms, Flanks and Inner/outer Thighs

I'm going to NuBody concepts for my procedure with Dr. Colon. I fully understand that I won't leave looking like a Barbie Doll, my hope is just to have a resemblance of my shape from two years ago, prior to a traumatic event that led to me taking medications which caused a 50lb wt gain. I just... READ MORE

Liposuction Revision to Stomach

Tomorrow morning my PS will be doing a liposuction revision on my stomach using fat transfer .. he will take fat from my hips that already needed more out ... and inject it to my stomach .. he is doing this for free .. he says it should be a simple procedure and mush less painful than the... READ MORE

10 Weeks Post Op Lipo

I am so not happy with these results. This is 10 weeks post op liposuction on my lower and upper flanks and sides. I've been to this Dr. twice. He did a tummy tuck/lipo on 3/14/16 and I went back to get a better result and this is 10 weeks post op. What should I do? I am considering going... READ MORE

Lipo Revision - Dr. Kanye Willis

I had liposuction revision done 5 days ago by Dr. Kanye Willis and her staff at Celebrity Body Sculpting in Union City. Everyone was attentive and made me feel calm during & after the procedure. My original procedure was done by another doctor, but for various reasons I chose not to return... READ MORE

Lioposuction Day of Surgery Dr Timothy Alexander Sth Flo Center for Cosmetic Surgery Ft Lauderdale

Great experience. Arrived to the center at 9am Greeted my the OR manager Adriana. Got prepped with Nurse Jackie. Had a very informative conversation with Anesthesiologist Dr Pitluck. Had one last conservation with my wonderful Surgeon. as he prepared and marked the areas for lipo. I have... READ MORE

Round 2

Ok so here we go again. I had a TT March 20th 2015 with lipo to flanks and full back. I no longer have that dreaded flap over on my stomach, but I was never flat as I wanted. So I'm going to have lipo done to smooth things out. I go for my consult and hopefully booking on Jan 23. So excited.... READ MORE

Lipo for a Second Time. Sacramento, CA

I had Lipo in my abdomen and love handles back in 2007. I gained some weight of course. And yes that weight goes to other places when you gain it. Haha. So the fat went to my mons pubis (vaginal area). Even when I lose weight, it's still there as large as can be. Ready to get some more Lipo I... READ MORE

Bad Experience with Liposuction Revision and Acne Scar Treatment

I am very disappointed with the result of my lipo revision on my thighs and abdomen. He had no experience with lipo revision and I ended up having lumps, dents, uneven, and saggy skin. He performed three procedures, and it did not help at all, in fact it made it worse than before. I would not... READ MORE

Looking for a travel buddy or is anyone Having Surgery On Feb.23 2017 to go With Dr Pantoja - Mexico

Going for lipo round 2. Need to get more fat sucked out..Im just wondering about the scars left since I see girl with drains..Any one have scars?? I Had it done before and no drains put in me..Worried about that?? Also anyone else going in set to go July 11flying from chicago and have... READ MORE

2nd Round Lipo and Bbl Light Sculpture

31 year old female in Tallahassee, FL. Dr. Macdoo will be performing my surgery at Seduction Clinic in Miami, FL. My surgery date is Feb 9, 2017. Round 2 lipo and bbl for remover of dimples and shaping. My last surgery I wasn't please with my back results. I love my results from my las surgery.... READ MORE

Round 3! Lipo & skin lift

Back again for round 3! This time I'm having the skin from my upper back area removed, more lipo & scar revision from my TT. My date is 4-10-17. I've paid my $500 deposit. I'll be going back to the same doctor. READ MORE

Revision Lipo - Marietta, GA

I had lipo revision from Dr. Stanley Okoro in Atlanta GA in April. I had expectations that it would be a successful surgery from the amount of lipo revisions he had stated he performed. Unfortunately, I spent $10,000 & saw no improvement. I had 5 hours of anesthesia with only thermitight on... READ MORE

Corrective Liposuction - Dubai, AE

Going to have surgery after tomorrow to fix the mess that a previous doctor made. I have scar tissue in waist area, unevenness from waist till knees, gaps in legs, lumps in belly.... a disaster! I'm putting all my hope in Dr toledo becuz he was the only doctor here out of 6 I saw in Dubai who... READ MORE

Liposuction Revision & Breast Reduction Revision After MMO - Dominican Republic

Heading to Dominican Republic to get my body banging. I want Nikki baby's body. I have been under twice MMO & Lipo. This time am not messing around....Time to get my money's worth. Am hoping to stay about five days and jet outta there, come home and nurse myself. since I am a READ MORE

NEED LIPO REVISION! Help! I Need to Fix Scar / Tissue / Bad Lipo and Have Small Dent on Flank - Miami, FL

I had lipo two years ago- and not only did it not make much of a difference in my shape - It left me w a shelf above my belly button of scar tissue / uneven lipo, a dent on my left flank of over lipo/uneven lipo and kind of messed up my silhouette. Would love to fix this horrible patch above... READ MORE

3rdTime Around: Whole Body Revision Liposuction in Medan - Indonesia

First I would like to say a big Thank you! to all the ladies for your reviews and I hope that my experience will be beneficial to others. I had liposuction done 3 years ago in Germany, and at that time, I did little research on liposuction itself and after browsing through some clinics, my... READ MORE

Revision Liposuction to Thighs, Knees with Fat Transfer to Gluetal Fold - Edmonton, AB

My entire life I hated my legs. No matter what I did, I had fat knees , thunder thighs and saddlebags. When I was around 26 (15 years ago), I went and met with a plastic surgeon. I told him I wanted my hips to my calves improved. He wouldn't do anything extensive and only agreed to do... READ MORE

Finally... the Procedure I've Been Waiting For.

I had to travel to Spain to get it, but I think I am finally going to get the result I wanted and I can see the end of what has been a long and frustrating experience. My first disastrous Vaser Lipo in April 2015, left me looking worse than how I started, with lumps and bumps that I thought... READ MORE

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