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Revision liposuction is performed to correct complications from a previous liposuction procedure, such as asymmetries, indentations, and scarring. The surgery may be much like the first liposuction, or include other procedures like fat transfer or tummy tuck. However, there are some cases where the damage is too great and revision liposuction can't be performed.

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Still Hoping for a Better Body - Houston, TX

Hi, all. In 2009, I had a bilateral mastectomy that left me with a concave chest, but I’d heard too many horror stories of things that can go wrong with implants. I heard about breast reconstruction using fat transfer only, but I don’t have a lot of spare fat, and I couldn’t find any surge... READ MORE

revision of tummy tuck

2016 February I had a Tummy tuck with liposuction on my flanks and outer and inner thighs. I hate my results. My Dr completely messed up everything he touched. Where do I start.. My tummy tuck- stomach is not flat. Seems like he didn't tighten my muscles enough.. My belly button is horrible. He... READ MORE

The Heartbreaking Saga of My Thighs and the Angel, Dr. Aboolian, that stuck around for 8 Years

The Heartbreaking Saga of My Thighs and the Angel, Doctor Aboolian, that stuck around for 8 Years Before I tell you my sad tale, I want to preface that when choosing your surgeon, you must feel 100%. Leave no stone unturned. We all want things done now, a quick fix, but until you find a surgeon... READ MORE

I Love My New Me!

Since my first consultation Dr. Tatuck was very attentive in answering all my questions and concerns. Explained with details and sketches all the procedures and what to expect within a 3 month timeline. I love my new me and my body keeps improving like he adviced me! READ MORE

Round 2 with Dr. Luis Redondo

A year later I did it! Fixed dog ears, aggressive 360 lipo and More fat into my hips. Dr was not happy with outcome himself and agreed from the 6 month mark to do the revisions at Zero charge from Dr. Redondo. It's been quiet a ride this round two, aggressive lipo is no joke .... had the... READ MORE

33 Year Old 2 Kids

Hello ladies, I got a tummy tuck after I went to Cancun a saw all those beautiful, gorgeous bodies. I thought I looked good until I went. I came back from my vacation a decided that I wanted to do something about my self, didn't do much research since I trust Dr. Shah. He had repaired my ear... READ MORE

24 year old wanting a Second Chance!!! Liposuction with the Right Doctor.

I had liposuction seven months ago, but I wasn't satisfied with my results. I looked the same!!! I was very stressed because I didn't know if it was on my head or it really was happening. My boyfriend, mom and friends told me they couldn't see the difference. Now I could SEE something was not... READ MORE

Finally my Dream Body - Dominican Republic

I back for round two cant wait. My expsrience the first time around was awesome. Dr mallol really did an awesome job my experience with him is one that ill never forget. He is such a caring man and very professional at his job. Dr mallol gave me a flat stomach without performing a tummy tuck amd... READ MORE

Abdominal Liposuction, Dr. Arthur Tjandra

Seven months after my successful thigh liposuction at Dr. Arthur’s clinic (previous post can be found https://www.realself.com/review/medan-52-years-thigh-liposuction-medan), I proceeded with the second phase of my liposuction plan, this time the abdominal. My intention was to remove the love h... READ MORE


I went for a lipo revision & this is the results-Disfigured. I'm left depressed than I was before. Please do not Do liposuction. Excercise is the best way & pain. I thought I was doing myself some good but now I'm left feeling extremely depressed. Doctors Voskin should have told me he's... READ MORE

Successful Smart Lipo Revision Surgery

I previously had lipo, which left my stomach deformed. After the Dr refused to take any responsibility, I consulted with other specialists & decided to have revision surgery 1 yr later. Although I am early in the process, the results are amazing so far! Expensive lesson learned: CHOOSE YOUR... READ MORE

Horrible Botched Work!

This doctor completely botched my stomach. I paid $7800 to look horrible. My lipo on the area wasn't completely flat and the original doctor who did it was out of state so I went to dr Roshe to get everything even and flat. That was the biggest mistake of my life. I ended up in the ER on... READ MORE

3rdTime Around: Whole Body Revision Liposuction in Medan - Indonesia

First I would like to say a big Thank you! to all the ladies for your reviews and I hope that my experience will be beneficial to others. I had liposuction done 3 years ago in Germany, and at that time, I did little research on liposuction itself and after browsing through some clinics, my... READ MORE

Lipo and bbl

He is a sweet doctor and I see so many great reviews about him, but he didn't fix an issue I had from a previous lipo that he said he would fix! My stomach literally looks the same, he sculpted my sides nice and my back rolls are kind of gone, but my stomach looks bigger on top than it does on... READ MORE

Lipo on Arms, Flanks and Inner/outer Thighs

I'm going to NuBody concepts for my procedure with Dr. Colon. I fully understand that I won't leave looking like a Barbie Doll, my hope is just to have a resemblance of my shape from two years ago, prior to a traumatic event that led to me taking medications which caused a 50lb wt gain. I just... READ MORE

Second Time Around

Headed for Round 2. Liposuction of the lower abdomen, upper back, flanks, thighs, arms, and butt restructuring. I've received quotes from both my prior doctor, Luis Mejia in DR, and Raphael Gomez in Colombia. Decided on Gomez because of his expertise and the ease of service he offers. Colombia... READ MORE

LIPO revision plus ARMs And Bra Pads

So I originally went in for a Revision on my tummy areas that was used for my BBL , that had swollen and unevenness , I added my arms and Bra Pad areas to lipo . All the nurses I ave encountered at LIFT BODY Center have been great !! And caring . I was happy how much fat was removed I think... READ MORE

Waist Tuck with More Lipo - Arlington, TX

Had full tt oct 2016 with replacement of saline to silicone implants lift and some flank lipo. I did have a revision on one breast in may 17 to correct that nipple that liked to make its appearance in bras and bikini tops he corrected it. However still had that muffin top went in for waist tuck... READ MORE

Liposuction Revision to Stomach

Tomorrow morning my PS will be doing a liposuction revision on my stomach using fat transfer .. he will take fat from my hips that already needed more out ... and inject it to my stomach .. he is doing this for free .. he says it should be a simple procedure and mush less painful than the... READ MORE

10 Weeks Post Op Lipo

I am so not happy with these results. This is 10 weeks post op liposuction on my lower and upper flanks and sides. I've been to this Dr. twice. He did a tummy tuck/lipo on 3/14/16 and I went back to get a better result and this is 10 weeks post op. What should I do? I am considering going... READ MORE

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