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Revision liposuction is performed to correct complications from a previous liposuction procedure, such as asymmetries, indentations, and scarring. The surgery may be much like the first liposuction, or include other procedures like fat transfer or tummy tuck. However, there are some cases where the damage is too great and revision liposuction can't be performed.

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Hello everyone! Tomorrow is the big day! I am very excited and I've been stalking RealSelf for quite some time- so I am prepared. My doctor tells me that I have a small amount to remove (she even told me that it's going to be a small change and most likely I'll be the only one who notices. Which... READ MORE

I had lipo revision from Dr. Stanley Okoro in Atlanta GA in April. I had expectations that it would be a successful surgery from the amount of lipo revisions he had stated he performed. Unfortunately, I spent $10,000 & saw no improvement. I had 5 hours of anesthesia with only thermitight on... READ MORE

3 yrs ago I had Acqualipo done w/ Dr Robert Golden @ The Golden Clinic. I had just gone thru 4 yrs of fertility treatment & I needed a quick lift in my self-esteem. In total I did 5 areas, local anesthesia, 2 hours, back home right after. No complaints. 2 mos later I got preggo. Never saw... READ MORE

Going for lipo round 2. Need to get more fat sucked out..Im just wondering about the scars left since I see girl with drains..Any one have scars?? I Had it done before and no drains put in me..Worried about that?? Also anyone else going in set to go July 11flying from chicago and have... READ MORE

I can't believe this awesome doc doesn't have more reviews? He is so amazing! I saw him for a consultation to fix some uneven tummy lipo I had done a couple of years ago. My biggest concern was downtime. I have a new baby, work full-time, and my husband travels frequently. I've always... READ MORE

42 yo female with previous micro Lopo at umbilical area- I had a pretty good abdomen with one trouble spot. After my consultation with Dr Fara , I thought I was in good trusting hands . I was very specific regarding concerns of not overdoing things , as I didn't have much fat on my abdomen. We... READ MORE

I had Lipo in my abdomen and love handles back in 2007. I gained some weight of course. And yes that weight goes to other places when you gain it. Haha. So the fat went to my mons pubis (vaginal area). Even when I lose weight, it's still there as large as can be. Ready to get some more Lipo I... READ MORE

After only 3 days, I can see a huge improvement in my body shape. Dr. Boutte revised what another doctor failed to do properly. In Oct 14 I had lipo by Dr. Baker in Dothan, Alabama. I was initially pleased with my results until all of the swelling subsided and I realized very little had been... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, I got to this place in my life is just like most of you...worked out, saw no results...dieted, saw no results...stress made it I decided to get some work done because the weight I gained from the Mirena IUD was NOT coming off. I have always been fascinated with cosmetic... READ MORE

My entire life I hated my legs. No matter what I did, I had fat knees , thunder thighs and saddlebags. When I was around 26 (15 years ago), I went and met with a plastic surgeon. I told him I wanted my hips to my calves improved. He wouldn't do anything extensive and only agreed to do... READ MORE

This procedure was a touch up to a previous lipo that was already done by a different provider. However, on the previous procedure there were still some areas that were not adequately treated and/or resolved. (There is a limit to how much fat tissue can be removed per procedure, so I'm not... READ MORE

I had smart lipo mainly for my muffin top could never lose it. I am a 5'7" 155 lb mother of 3. My ideal weight is 140. I am posting my experience in hopes of helping someone else. My first procedure was not aggressive enough and left some areas lopsided (see other post) so I went back for... READ MORE

Here I go again.......... Liposuction revision for the second time. I had liposuction two years ago January 2014 on my upper and lower abdomen and inner and outer thighs. I was at my ideal weight, in pretty good shape for my age as I exercized regularly with cardio and weight training. But I... READ MORE

I had liposuction to my flanks a year ago and the dr did such conservative lipo that I was not happy with it. I wanted a very slim back and waist. I was so disappointed for a whole year until I finally had lipo revision and fat transfer to hips. Thanks to Dr. Kenneth Hughes, I feel sexy and my... READ MORE

So I just went to my consult. I paid 100$ for it, this will go towards the surgery. I met with the doctor and a very nice lady who did my consult as well. Dr.Sapijaszko was really nice. Listened to me, and said knowingly, "I get what you want." He didn't spend very much time in there, however... READ MORE

Going to have surgery after tomorrow to fix the mess that a previous doctor made. I have scar tissue in waist area, unevenness from waist till knees, gaps in legs, lumps in belly.... a disaster! I'm putting all my hope in Dr toledo becuz he was the only doctor here out of 6 I saw in Dubai who... READ MORE

I recently had surgery with Dr. Desai a few weeks ago.  I previously had liposuction by another surgeon, which I liked a lot, but there were a few areas that needed some touch-up work on my lower stomach and my sides.  Dr. Desai put me at ease from the moment I saw him about what I wanted done. ... READ MORE

I had Lypo years ago on my upper thighs but didn't wear the compression garments as often as I should have. What resulted was bumpy fat, which seemed to get worse as time went on. I did NOT have any scars, however. Just tiny little nicks that disappeared within a year. I decided to have Lypo... READ MORE

Well as I previously wrote, i had SlimLipo (laser) back in July 8th 2014 which was a nightmare. This time I went to a different doctor and chose a different method; WaterJet Lipo. Im on my 7th day and looking much better than the first round. Well see how it will turn out a month or three... READ MORE

I was very lucky to post my problem on Real Self and get a direct & matter of fact answer to the problem. I want to say thank you to R. Stephen Mulholland, MD of Toronto for his shared knowledge on my condition. Here is how he summed it up with the correct diagnosis. Thank you for your clinical... READ MORE

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