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9 Inch,deep Benign Lipoma- 9 Month Wait Til my Delivery, Can It Change into Liposarcoma

I have soft movable, smooth, not painful benign lipoma on my back touching my armpit. I started noticing it from 7 -8 months. I had ultrasound and MRI... READ MORE

Can a change in hormones during pregnancy cause lipomas to grow or multiply?

I have at least 30-60 lipomas in my small bowel and colon. My husband and I would like to try to have a baby and my doctor has said that medically she... READ MORE

Is It a Bad Idea to Become Pregnant Before Seroma Has Fully Resolved?

I had a fairly large (10cm x 10cm) non-encapsulated lipoma removed from the back of my thigh about a month ago. Surgeon advised it had grown a little... READ MORE

I have had a episacrial lipoma (back mouse) for several years with severe periodic pain. Now pregnant, the pain is unbearable.

What options do I have to help me through this last trimester of my pregnancy and the actual birth. My Obgyn said if the pain got to severe he would... READ MORE

I have a lipoma in my lower abdomen. If I have it removed, will I still be able to have a vaginal brith?

It's been there since I was 18. I've recently noticed it's growing. I'm 23 with no kids. READ MORE

Can a lipoma start growing due to hormone changes caused by pregnancy?

Thank you for a very informative webpage. Has there been any research on why lipomas grow in size? Can a lipoma start growing due to hormon changes... READ MORE

I was wondering if anyone could give me some information about lipoma's effect on the bump during pregnancy? (photos)

I have a lipoma on my left side of waist of almost a golf ball size. Its been there since 2 years by now. Lately, I experienced slight pain in that... READ MORE

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