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I Have Multiple Lipomas on my Thighs and Hips. They Are All Very Tender to the Touch, but a Couple in Particular on my Right?

Thigh above my knee are very painful. I get burning pain and numbness in the area. Should I see a physician and get them all removed at once under a... READ MORE

Numbness After Removal of Lipoma from Forehead

I had a forehead lipoma removed a couple of days ago and am still experiencing numbness on my head on the side of the surgery. Is this normal and if... READ MORE

Pain and Numbness in my Armpit After the Surgery?

I have had a surgery for the excision of a sebaceous cyst in my armpit 9 months ago.Now i can see two small white coloured spots on the wound and the... READ MORE

Muscle or Nerve Damage with Forehead Lipoma Removal?

I had a small lipoma removed from the right side of my forehead by a plas. surgeon a week ago. It was performed in the hospital under gen. anest. The... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal from Behind Knee - Is It Possible for Nerve Damage to Affect the Ligament?

I had a lipoma removed behind my knee, just above the joint. Now I have numbness below the skin from the wound to the mid-section of the calf and I... READ MORE

What is the Pain and Numbness Following Removal of Occipital Scalp Lipoma. Not Incision.

I have pain and numbness in areas on my scalp where surgery not performed. I had a large lipoma removed from the occipital scalp READ MORE

Numbness / Weakness 3 Days After Lipoma Removal

I had a 1.5 x .625 in lipoma removed about 2.5 inches above my wrist bone. It is now three days post surgery and I am still having sustained... READ MORE

Is this a lipoma on my wrist, or something else? (photo)

I have a growth on my wrist that I think is a lipoma. I saw a hand specialist & he said that it isn't a ganglion cyst. I've enclosed a few... READ MORE

I have a numb hard sack under the incision from my lipoma surgery. (Photo)

Nine days ago I had a 3cm lipoma removed from my chin. Because there was no real pain I have only been taking Advil. I now have a hard numb sack... READ MORE

Redness & Numbness Following Removal of Lipoma?

I had a lipoma removed from the base of my neck (right-hand side along collar bone) on Wednesday. I have numbness from my clavical down to the top of... READ MORE

I Have a 5cm Lipoma on My Wrist?

I have a 5cm lipoma on my wrist that may or may not be pressing on my nerve causing my whole hand to go numb and the doctor has scheduled surgery to... READ MORE

I had an intramuscular lipoma removed on my forearm. My hand feels like it is burning & tingling. Any suggestion? (photo)

Preformed a week ago. Half the top of my hand is still partly numb. That part is very skin sensitive and feels like it is burning with no marks and no... READ MORE

Is it normal feel numbness and weakness in the arm, shoulder,neck and lower back after Lipoma removal 4 mos. ago. (photo)

4 months ago, I undergo a surgery to remove a lipoma on my right upper back,near the scapula side.Histopath results show its a Lipoma. Wounds... READ MORE

Ganglion or lipoma? (Photo)

My doctor guess it was ganglion and come to find he said it was lipoma and no thing was not send in to the pathology it been 2 months since I had... READ MORE

I have a Lipoma on my forehead about a half inch above my left eyebrow. Is there anyway to have it removed? (Photo)

The lipoma is about the size of a nickel. I talked to a plastic surgeon to get it removed... he said I would need to have general anestesia in order... READ MORE

I have reduced sensitivity and reduced range of movement at site of surgery scar. Is this normal and what can be done? (Photo)

I had a lipoma removed from my back that regrew into an infiltrating lipoma and had to be excised again (through original incision scar). First lipoma... READ MORE

Is it normal I'm still in pain and have stiffness and numbness after surgery??

I had surgery December 4th 2015 on axilla area, had a lipoma removed from both my axillas. I still have numbness and I'm in severe pain. They gave me... READ MORE

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