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Can a Lipoma in the Lower Back Cause Pain to Go Further Up my Back?

My Doctor just told me that I have Lipoma in three different places on me: my arm, under my breast where my rib cage is and one on the lower left side... READ MORE

What Doctor Do You See to Have a Episacroiliac Lipoma (Aka Back Mouse) Removed from the Lower Back?

My husband's back has been hurting him. He has seen a orthopedic surgeon and family practice doctor. Neither Doctor could identify the problem. While... READ MORE

Lipomas Lower Back and Sacrum?

Hi, I have few lipomas in lower back and sacrum area maybe around 10 in total. I am wondering if its best to get them taken out? I do weight lifting... READ MORE

Spinal Lipoma?

I had a spinal lipoma removed age 2 but it wasn't all removed due to risk of paralysis. I'm now 30 and been having lower back pain for 18 months and... READ MORE

Can a Lipoma in Lower Right Back Present Similar to Sciatica?

I have had back pain for months now. Have had Maris epidural a and no relief. I have a lump in lower rght back that an ultrasound diagnosed as a... READ MORE

I am having lipoma surgery. How much time will I need to take off work?

I am having a lipoma removed from my lower back by a general surgeon. he states it is wrapped around a nerve. he would nor remove it in the office due... READ MORE

Should I have tumor (lipoma?) removed from lower back? (photo)

My doc says its a lipoma and nothing to worry about upon initial physical exam. Waiting on results of ultrasound but from what I've read will prob be... READ MORE

What doctor do you see to have an episacroiliac lipoma (AKA back mouse) removed from the lower back?

Now seen 5 Consultants over 5 years without any treatment or diagnosis. I am in pain and my movement is restricted so badly. Theses painful nodules... READ MORE

What type of surgeon do I see to remove very painful lipomas in my lower back (that do not appear on MRI)?

Severe back pain started 3 yrs ago. Extensive work-up: PT, desensitization inj series & SI joint inj by physiatrist, MRI of lumbar spine & pelvis, L4... READ MORE

I had a softball-sized lipoma removed from my lower back.Now I have that size of a hematoma that is painful & bothersome.(photo)

1st postop moved to 1 week post-op bc light-headed, dizzy & felt awful.Told me I was simply recovering.The next week I had surgeon draw off fluid; he... READ MORE

Should i ask for MRI

I had 2 lipmoas removed from the lower back one on either side of my spine and another removed from my tail bone 3 mnths later. Its been 12 mnths and... READ MORE

Should I have surgery to remove Lipoma in lower back?

I am a 47yo female with lower back pain for > 10 years. It has gotten worse during the past year. Can't sit in a chair comfortable for more than... READ MORE

Removal of lipoma on my lower back.

Hello, I have a small lipoma on my lower back next to my spine bones. It's basically on the muscle that runs up the spine. I can actually grab it and... READ MORE

What would be the best way for removal of multiple lipomas?

I'm a 30 year old male. I have severe pain from the lipomas. I have at least20 or so in my lower back region. What would be the best treatment cost... READ MORE

I have lipoma on my lower back.

I met with an accident in December 27th 2015 and on my left lower back blood was clot. I didn't go for any treatment because I thought it was normal... READ MORE

I had 4 lipomas taking off a week ago will they do a biopsy on all of them are just one?

I had 4 lipomas taking off a week ago will they do a biopsy on all of them are just one i had two larger ones out of my lower back an two from my... READ MORE

What is the normal recovery period for removal of episacral lipomas?

I have at least 3 episacral lipomas in my lower back that are causing me a lot of pain, I want to get them removed, how long would I be off work for?... READ MORE

Should I worry about nerve damage?

I have a lipoma on my lower lumbar spine that was imaged via MRI about 5 years ago. I was told to not worry about it. I have recently (the last 2... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with a Lipoma last Thursday. Any reason why a lipoma might be causing pain this severe?

Lwer back right above my tail bone It has been causing me severe back pain for a constant week now. Pain so bad it has put in tears for 15 - 20... READ MORE

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