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Treatment and Doctor to See for Lump Under Lipoma Removal Scar?

I had a small but painful lipoma on my inside thigh removed 3 months ago. The pain is still the same as before the removal. Pain comes and goes but is... READ MORE

Multiple Growths on Thigh - Lipomas or Cancer?

I am a 28-year-old male. I have had a small (1 cm) growth on my inner thigh just under the skin,diagnosed as a lipoma. The growth itself does not... READ MORE

Infected Stitches After Lipoma Removal From Inner Thigh? (photo)

I had a lipoma removed from my inner thigh last week ,Could you please advise if the below dissolvable stitches are infected and should i visit the... READ MORE

1 week post op Lipoma removal, I started bleeding again and swelling. Is this normal? (photos)

A wee ago I went in to get a lipoma removed from my upper left inner thigh and it went good I think. Everything was going well the next couple of days... READ MORE

I have a tennis ball size lipoma on my inner thigh. I'm getting it removed soon. How long is the recovery`/

I think it has to do with my vericose veins being more pronounced on that leg. Can they be worked on together. I need the veins gone as they are... READ MORE

I just had a small lipoma removed from my groin/ inner thigh & smaller one from low Buttock . How long before I can exercise?

I practice Ashtanga yoga and it is very vigorous and the legs need to move in all directions and stretched out a lot. I also cycle / sim and do squats... READ MORE

Is this a lipoma on my inner thigh? What can I do? (Photos)

It has become cosmetically ugly. It has become hard to walk and it hurts when i walk because it rubs against my other thigh. I feel like i have to... READ MORE

Need second opinion. Which type of surgeon do I need for lipoma removal? I have 6 in my upper thigh and buttock area

I feel that the lipomas some seated in my muscle and he disagreed saying I have fat on this area. He noted he is using full sedation to remove all 6... READ MORE

I had a large lipoma removed from my inner thigh.

I have terrible pain beside my knee, and down calf. Should I be concerned? READ MORE

Does the punch incision site appear to be infected? (photos)

Surgery two weeks on 5/8. No fever, but hurts like heck! (Location: inner thigh/groin area).I'm using neospirin and keeping it dry. Im a veteran and... READ MORE

Left inner thigh lipoma deeply imbedded into muscle causing nerve pain on top & inner part thigh. Could it be liposarcoma?

Inner left thigh lipoma diagnosed 09/2013 thru u/s.Mild discomfort.1st opinion w/general surgeon said he'd remove it in his office.Pain intermittent... READ MORE

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