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Where to Go to Remove Infected Lipoma?

I have a lipoma in my head. A friend of mine told me that she had one and she poked it with a needle. I got a sterilized needle and I poked it but it... READ MORE

Infected Stitches After Lipoma Removal From Inner Thigh? (photo)

I had a lipoma removed from my inner thigh last week ,Could you please advise if the below dissolvable stitches are infected and should i visit the... READ MORE

Lipoma Left a Hole in my Back?

I was put on antibiotics to treat an infected lipoma on the upper left side of my back. After 5 days of antibiotics the lipoma started to drain pus... READ MORE

Can a Scalp Lipoma Extend Beyond Fascia?

Over 10 years ago I had a golf-ball size lipoma removed from my scalp. About 3 years ago I noticed recurrent infections and pain in the site and... READ MORE

1 week post op Lipoma removal, I started bleeding again and swelling. Is this normal? (photos)

A wee ago I went in to get a lipoma removed from my upper left inner thigh and it went good I think. Everything was going well the next couple of days... READ MORE

Infection on Surgical Wound on Jawline Post 6 Weeks?

I had a cyst removed from my jaw line 6 weeks ago. i have a 4 " cut on my jawline. It do not want to fully heal. I get a disharch of puss from it at... READ MORE

My Lipoma is starting to hurt & grow; what should I do?

I have a lipoma from few years ago on back of my neck recently it start to hurt and grow bigger when i touch it feel like there is some liquid under... READ MORE

Lipomas. (photo)

I have had a lipoma for over a two weeks it is now very painful and red. I Keep going to the dr. and they tell me that it's infected they prescribed... READ MORE

Is this healing correctly? (Photos)

I had 3 inch benign tumor removed 8 days ago. My post op appointment is in 5 more days. I would think swelling would be down a week after surgery.... READ MORE

How to take care of a discharging lipoma with an opening?

Dear Doctors, I have a 6 cm dia lipoma which first appeared 40 years ago. 2 months ago a 4 mm opening appeared on it and began to discharge a smelly... READ MORE

3 months since I had a deep rooted, golf ball sized lipoma removed from my ribcage, with non stop pain? (Photo)

Been experiencing a lot of pain since having a lipoma removed. Was informed not to bathe in the area for a week, due to possible infection. 3 months... READ MORE

Do these lipoma removal stitches look un-healed and/or infected? (photo)

I'm supposed to get the stitches (above my tibialis anterior muscle) out in the next 1-3 days and I'm nervous that they're not ready to come out &... READ MORE

Removal of lipoma on my lower back.

Hello, I have a small lipoma on my lower back next to my spine bones. It's basically on the muscle that runs up the spine. I can actually grab it and... READ MORE

Lipoma large red and Infected - green discharge on scalp. (Photos)

Finally after 8 yrs Lipoma rupture last Nov.2016 thinking finally was over, I was wrong it gradually began to grow huge then turn RED. 2 months ago it... READ MORE

Are you aware of infections that can occur almost a year after surgery? Do you think it is an infection?

I had a lipoma removed may of 2015. Recovery was good and there didnt seem to be any complications, but i did not go to the follow up appoitment due... READ MORE

Reoccurring Lipoma and getting infected - root cause? (photo)

I had lipomas across my body (varied sizes). a year back, i had an infection in the thigh lipoma (in inch dia) & got it operated. again there was... READ MORE

Lipoma Removed Dec 9--draining went from light to heavy. How long will it last?

Hi, I had a Lipoma removed from my inner left thigh on Dec 9. Fairly large. Got an infection but I'm on antibiotics which have helped. 5 days after... READ MORE

Does the punch incision site appear to be infected? (photos)

Surgery two weeks on 5/8. No fever, but hurts like heck! (Location: inner thigh/groin area).I'm using neospirin and keeping it dry. Im a veteran and... READ MORE

Had a lipoma operated from left flank 6 weeks ago. I now have pain and a burning sensation. Do I have an infection? (photo)

Had a 5 cm lipoma on left flank growing slowly. After a normal fnac surgeon operated it on 2nd June .and discharged me after the night . No drainage... READ MORE

What surgeries can be done to take care of a large number of lipomas, excess skin, & tissue, in my upper/ lower abdomen? (photo)

I have a large number of painful lipomas (the lipomas are likely related to my diagnosis of MEN1) in my upper and lower abdomen and at the base of my... READ MORE

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