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Hard lump on forehead after lipoma removal?

I had a lipoma removed from my forehead 2 weeks ago, after the initial swelling went down after the first few days I was left with a hard lump that is... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Dry Skin After Swelling Recedes Proceeding Lipoma Surgery?

Hi. I had surgery to remove a lipoma on my forehead 2/17/12 (today is 3/01/12). The swelling has gone down and the stitches were removed,but I've... READ MORE

Big Lump in Thigh After Lipoma Removed?

Had a largish lipoma removed from the back of my thigh just over 2 weeks ago.When the pad was removed 48 hours after surgery I noticed a large lump... READ MORE

Hard Lump After Lipoma Removal on Forehead?

I had a Lipoma removed about 2 weeks ago,and i notice i still have a lil numbness and i also have a small hard lump that feels dense right above were... READ MORE

What are the consequences if I do not let my large hematoma be drained?

I had a lipoma operation two weeks ago - large ( around 1.2 kg and scar is ~25cm long ). Had a drain in for four days and by the last day the drain... READ MORE

Should I have a knot after having a lipoma removed? Will this go away?

Two weeks ago I had a rather small lipoma removed from my forehead. Now, there is a small knot right above the incision mark. The knot is about the... READ MORE

I have extreme skin sensitivity around lipoma removal. Day 15. Should I worry and is there anything I can do? (photo)

I had a large lipoma (tennis ball size) removed from my clavicle just over 2 weeks ago. I had a drain for 24hrs but when they removed it I had a major... READ MORE

I had the lipoma removed about 2 weeks ago. Now it feels hard around and like a knot (Photo)

It started with sharp, dull, burning and it feels like when you get scratch and it hurts and burns.... I also take Tamoxifen and Im... READ MORE

What are the chances of developing MRSA if I already had it once?

Two weeks ago I had a lipoma removed by my Dermatologist in the office. It took her over 1.5 hours to remove the whole thing. A week later I realized... READ MORE

I Had Lipoma Surgery about 2 weeks ago. And my arm is very sore. Any suggestions?

My Elbow To Shoulder To The Spot Where I Don't Hve Any Feeling At it's Super Sore And I Was Wondering Does That Mean I'm Doing To Much With My Arm At... READ MORE

I had a lipoma removed from the base of neck 2 weeks ago and now I get these sharp pains in my neck ?

What could cause this type of pain after the 2 weeks post surgery in my neck ? And am I stuck with this pain for the rest of my life ? READ MORE

Lipoma Removed Dec 9--draining went from light to heavy. How long will it last?

Hi, I had a Lipoma removed from my inner left thigh on Dec 9. Fairly large. Got an infection but I'm on antibiotics which have helped. 5 days after... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Lipoma Surgery, Still Have Pain and Swelling. Is This Normal?

Top of shoulder side of neck area. General anaesthetic. As painful as day1 and it's been two weeks. Heavy tight pulling sensation. Pain extended... READ MORE

What is the Maximum Time Limit to Remove the Stitches After Having a Surgery?

I had a lipoma removal 14 days ago the incision was about 3 inches under the chest . when do i have to remove the stitches ,and is there any danger of... READ MORE

Dear Doctor, Mom Had Pedinculated Lipoma Surgery 2 Weeks Before in Her Back, Need to Know the Post Operation Effects. (photo)

Dear Doctor, Mom had pedinculated lipoma surgery 2 weeks before in her back, was normal and no effects after operations. 2 weeks later, could see... READ MORE

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