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I Hate the Lip Lift the Doctor Gave Me. What Can I Do to Redo the Big Scar He Left Me?

I had a gulf wing lip lift about 4 weeks ago and it looks terrible. There is a big scar on my top lip and lots of scar tissue. I'm very upset... READ MORE

Correct Lip Lift Scars?

I had a lip lift augmentation 2 years ago and my scars around the (outside) border of my lips (top and bottom) feel hard, stiff, tight and very... READ MORE

Remove Scars from a Lip Lift?

I had a permanent lip augmentation 2 years ago called a lip is very similar to a lip vermillion where the lips are pulled up (like a face... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar After Bullhorn Lip Lift? (photo)

I had a bullhorn lip lift in july 2012. I absolutely didn't get any lift in my lip but it did leave me with a hypertrophic scar. I had my first CO2... READ MORE

Upper Lip Lift Scar Treatment?

Hello. I'll be two months post op in July. I started doing V-Beam right after the stitches were removed, so i've done two so far...doing them monthly... READ MORE

I Want Bull's Horn Surgery, And My Dr. Wants To Incorporate The Nasal Sill Lift, What Do You Think Of This Technique? (photo)

I recently had a consultation with a plastic surgeon about getting the bull's horn lip lift. He suggested that I have the nasal sill lift (which I... READ MORE

Lip Lift Revision. What type of suture should I expect will be used in the revision?

Please help, im looking for a lip lift revision. I had a gull wing lip lift 3 years ago. I am really upset and paranoid with the indented scar that... READ MORE

What Type of Lip Lift Did I Have?

I had a "sub nasal lip lift" but my scar is like a half circle beneath my nose,down toward my lip. What kind of lip lift did I have? I am... READ MORE

How to get rid of scars from lip lift? (photo)

Surgery was 3 years ago --stitches were small at first, but apparently my skin is thin and the stitches stretched... I would like to know if a... READ MORE

Lip Lift Excisinng Skin & Muscle Hemming or Skin Only for Best Long Lasting Results.

Which offers best long lasting result and hides scarring best with lip lift ,excising skin only or skin with muscle hemming? READ MORE

Had Bullhorn Lip Lift - Not Enough Taken out

Hi. I had a bullhorn lift a number of months ago, and while the result is an improvement, there's still a BIG space between my nose and upper lip.... READ MORE

What are some good alternatives to a corner lip lift? I'm in my early 30s.

The corners of my mouth turn down, giving me a sad/unhappy appearance. However, the doctors I've talked to are reluctant to perform a corner lip lift,... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Gullwing Lip Lift Scar Revision

Had a gullwing lip lift 2 years ago, the surgeon made the incision 2 millimetres above the lip line boarder, now i'm left with a nasty indented... READ MORE

Would you recommend a subnasal upper lip lift? (Photo)

This is my face with my jaw is slightly slack. My main objective is to improve the shape and slightly increase the size of my upper vermilion lip. As... READ MORE

Can my nostrils be fixed after horrible lip lift? (photos)

After lip lift I'm left with distorted nostrils, a horrible scar,and a pig like nose,can anything be done to improve my face? READ MORE

Lip Lift Stitches Not Dissolvable?

I had a lip lift procedure about a year ago, and the scar still is sensitive and bumpy, red and unnattractive. I scar well normally, but I am certain... READ MORE

Will a Lip Lift Cause Obvious Scarring on Dark Skin?

I'm getting a rhinoplasty and I'm thinking about getting a lip lift at the same time. I have a very long upper lip (the distance between my nose and... READ MORE

Lip lift revison - how long should I wait? (Photo)

Iam arabic lady so sorry for my poor.. I plan to do lip lift and i was 15mm and my doc cut off 4 mls and my face became better than before and iam now... READ MORE

AlloDerm As an Alternative to Lip Lift?

I dont want to get a lip lift because of scarring but wanted to know if Alloderm can be injected and give me a pouty lip with my teeth showing? READ MORE

Lip Lift & Lower lip Vy plasty; What techniques will give the best result and be safest?

I had lip lift & lower lip vy plasty= zero results EXCEPT a bad scar underneath nose & lump of scar tissue inside lower lip. Lower lip feels thinner,... READ MORE

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