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Would I Be a Good Candidate for a Bull Horn Lip Lift? (photo)

I am 17 and I always hear about older people getting this procedure done, but I feel like even though I am younger this would make my face look... READ MORE

My Son Has a Narrow Philtrum Therefore Cannot Close His Mouth. How Can His Philtrum Be Broadened? (photo)

My son 14 yrs old had buck teeth & a deep bite dental issue, which has been resolved through orthodontic treatment. But due to his narrow philtrum... READ MORE

The space in between my nose and my top lip is too long. Any suggestions?

I really hate how far my nose is from my mouth. It looks ugly and I don't like it im under 18 so not much I can do. This giant ugly place makes me cry... READ MORE

What is the youngest possible age you can get a bull horn lip lift?

If you can get fillers age 16, will you be also be able to get a lip lift. I can't find the answer anywhere on the internet. I also know in general it... READ MORE

Do I need a corner lip lift?

I been super self conscious of my self. And would like to know if my mouth looks bad and Ew and if I need a corner lip lift? Im under 18 but I want to... READ MORE

Lip lift or something to help bring my nose closer to top lip?

The space inbetween my top lip and nose bothers me. I find it too big. Is it? What are my choices if it is I want it like permanently fixed without... READ MORE

I'm Still 16 but My Philtrum is Too Long What Can I Do Can I Get a Lip Lift Now?

I'm still 16 but ny philtrum is too long what can i do can i get a lip lift now? READ MORE

I Have an Upper Lip Horizontal Smile Wrinkle, How Do I Get Rid of It?

I have no plastic surgery history and I have an upper lip horizontal smile wrinkle when I smile or laugh, how do I get rid of it? I'm only 14 and it... READ MORE

Lip Lift; Am I a candidate? Upper Lip Problem? (photo)

I am 17 year old female, who has quite full and youthful lips, both upper and lower lip. When I smile the upper teeth shows, but when I let the lips... READ MORE

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