1 Month Post-op + Lip Lift

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help with healing from lip lift. (photo)

It's been five weeks today since I had a lower facelift, laser resurfacing around moth, upper eyes and upper lip lift. I seem to be healing just fine... READ MORE

1 months post op Lip lift (bull horn), the sutures are still hard and numb. Any suggestions?

The sutures are still hard and numbed-especially in the middle... And when I smile it's doesn't show all my teeth as before.. Is that ll go after some... READ MORE

Can my desired result be achieved with fillers? (photos)

I'm about 3.5 wks post op on a lip lift, which accentuated the sharp slope of my upper lip. I'm assuming that this is the final result even though I... READ MORE

Bull horn upper lip lift, lower lip lift, fat injections. Down turned lips now. What can I do? (photos)

4 weeks ago I had a bullhorn upper lip lift, lower lip lift and fat transfer to my lips. My lips look fuller and the bullhorn scar is clearing up well... READ MORE

Accident during lip lift surgery caused a cut? (Photos)

I had a lip lift surgery a month ago. During the surgery, I remember a sudden hit on my nose by the doctor's scalpel. I screamed and the doctor... READ MORE

I would like to know if I am a candidate for an upper lip lift or not? (photo)

I would like to know if I am a candidate for an upper lip lift or not. I also want a solution for nasal folds and mouth corners. I need an approximate... READ MORE

I am currently 5 weeks post surgery of an upper lip lift. My lip lift scar has stretched and this is mainly my fault

I panicked after my lip lift (felt it was too high), and after reading some info online, I started manually tugging at my lip in an attempt to lower... READ MORE

Can I Expedite REDUCTION of Swelling 4 Wks Post Op to Nostrils from Upper Lip Lift Procedure Involving Muscle Hemming? (photo)

My upper lip lift looks amazing, and surgery was 4 wks ago, but my nostrils and the cartilage that separates the nostrils on the outside and the... READ MORE

When Will I See the Final True Results of a Bull Horn Lip Lift ?

When Will I See the Final True Results of a Bull Horn Lip Lift ? I Am 5 Weeks Post Op So is This It ? I Still Look Slightly Odd READ MORE

4 weeks post op Upper Lip Lift, the incision isn't closing and there is stiffness. Is this normal? (photo)

Hi, I had an upper lip lift performed 4 weeks ago with internal & external sutures. The external sutures were removed 5 days post-op. Unfortunately,... READ MORE

What happened to my nose? Will it heal? (Photo)

I had my upper lip lift done on the 20th of October 2016. I'm very concerned that the tip of my nose will not go back to the way it was. I was already... READ MORE

Lip stretching after lip lift. 5 weeks post-op.

I have seen comments regarding upper lip "stretching" to help with short upper lips. I had too much removed when I had a lip lift- 8mm removed. I... READ MORE

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