1 Month Post-op + Lip Lift

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1 months post op Lip lift (bull horn), the sutures are still hard and numb. Any suggestions?

The sutures are still hard and numbed-especially in the middle... And when I smile it's doesn't show all my teeth as before.. Is that ll go after some... READ MORE

help with healing from lip lift. (photo)

It's been five weeks today since I had a lower facelift, laser resurfacing around moth, upper eyes and upper lip lift. I seem to be healing just fine... READ MORE

Can my desired result be achieved with fillers? (photos)

I'm about 3.5 wks post op on a lip lift, which accentuated the sharp slope of my upper lip. I'm assuming that this is the final result even though I... READ MORE

I am currently 5 weeks post surgery of an upper lip lift. My lip lift scar has stretched and this is mainly my fault

I panicked after my lip lift (felt it was too high), and after reading some info online, I started manually tugging at my lip in an attempt to lower... READ MORE

Lip stretching after lip lift. 5 weeks post-op.

I have seen comments regarding upper lip "stretching" to help with short upper lips. I had too much removed when I had a lip lift- 8mm removed. I... READ MORE

Accident during lip lift surgery caused a cut? (Photos)

I had a lip lift surgery a month ago. During the surgery, I remember a sudden hit on my nose by the doctor's scalpel. I screamed and the doctor... READ MORE

Bull horn upper lip lift, lower lip lift, fat injections. Down turned lips now. What can I do? (photos)

4 weeks ago I had a bullhorn upper lip lift, lower lip lift and fat transfer to my lips. My lips look fuller and the bullhorn scar is clearing up well... READ MORE

I would like to know if I am a candidate for an upper lip lift or not? (photo)

I would like to know if I am a candidate for an upper lip lift or not. I also want a solution for nasal folds and mouth corners. I need an approximate... READ MORE

Can I Expedite REDUCTION of Swelling 4 Wks Post Op to Nostrils from Upper Lip Lift Procedure Involving Muscle Hemming? (photo)

My upper lip lift looks amazing, and surgery was 4 wks ago, but my nostrils and the cartilage that separates the nostrils on the outside and the... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Upper Lip Lift, the incision isn't closing and there is stiffness. Is this normal? (photo)

Hi, I had an upper lip lift performed 4 weeks ago with internal & external sutures. The external sutures were removed 5 days post-op. Unfortunately,... READ MORE

When Will I See the Final True Results of a Bull Horn Lip Lift ?

When Will I See the Final True Results of a Bull Horn Lip Lift ? I Am 5 Weeks Post Op So is This It ? I Still Look Slightly Odd READ MORE

What happened to my nose? Will it heal? (Photo)

I had my upper lip lift done on the 20th of October 2016. I'm very concerned that the tip of my nose will not go back to the way it was. I was already... READ MORE

Still have sutures 5 weeks after lip lift, preventing the scar from healing completely. (Photo)

I had a bullhorn lip lift done 5 weeks ago using dissolvable sutures. Some of the sutures haven't fully dissolved, even though I wash it every day... READ MORE

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