Lip Augmentation Videos

Lip Augmentation Before & After: Stephani's Experience

Follow Stephani's before and after experience undergoing lip augmentation with Dr. Donald B. Yoo. VIEW NOW


How to Rejuvenate the Lips and Lip Lines

Karen Whitney, PA talks about the best treatment for rejuvenating the Lips and Lip Lines. VIEW NOW

Combination Treatment for Mouth Lines and Lip Augmentation

Dr. Faraz Valaie corrects the wrinkles and smoke lines around this woman's mouth to enhance the transformation of her new pout. VIEW NOW

Lip Fillers to Restore a Youthful Pout

Dr. Faraz Valaie reshapes and plumps this woman's lips to give her back the youthful pout she had in her 20's. VIEW NOW

Lip Augmentation Concerns and Expected Results

Dr. Faraz Valaie performs a lip augmentation on a young woman who has never undergone any cosmetic procedures before. He describes what kind of pain to expect and how long recovery will take. VIEW NOW

Lip Augmentation Procedure and Initial Results

Dr. Faraz Valaie performs a lip augmentation procedure on a first-timer. VIEW NOW

Lip Augmentation Results From Injectable Fillers

Dr. Faraz Valaie demonstrates a live lip augmentation procedure using an injectable filler. He shares the before and after comparison at the end of the video. VIEW NOW

Juvederm and PDO Threads to Add Volume to Thin Lips

Dr. Gerald Pierone demonstrates the techniques of placing Juvederm Ultra Plus and PDO threads to add volume in thinner lips. VIEW NOW

Juvederm Ultra Results in the Perfect Pout

Dr. Justin Harper shares with us a brief look at a Juvederm Ultra treatment he performed on his clinical lead, Liz. VIEW NOW

Lip Augmentation vs. Fillers: Which is Better for Your Lips?

Dr. Camille Cash describes augmentation of the lips and how lip filler goes an incredibly long way in getting the most out of your unique lips. VIEW NOW

Lip Plumping Non-Surgical and Surgical Options

Dr. Marc Pacifico shares several option to enhance your lips, improve their shape, and add volume. VIEW NOW

How the Mouth Changes with Age

Dr. Marc Pacifico discusses how our mouths change in a variety of ways with age, with effects on the lips, the surrounding skin and of course, the adjacent jowls and cheeks. VIEW NOW

Is Lip Augmentation Reversible?

Dr. Amir Nakhdjevani discusses the factors that go into the possibility of reversing results from a previous lip enhancement, which is a procedure that adds volume to lips either by permanent lip implants or injectable lip fillers. VIEW NOW

Juvederm Lips Injections Natural Results

Dr. Hardik Soni shares a before and after example of a past patient who was able to achieve natural-appearing results for fuller lips with one syringe of Juvederm using the cannula technique. VIEW NOW

Lip Enhancement Treatments Without Surgery

Dr. Brian Maloney discusses two options for non-surgical lip augmentation to achieve natural results: Volbella and Juvederm Ultra. VIEW NOW