Lifestyle Lift Videos

What Really Is a "Lifestyle Lift"?

Dr. Paul Lanfranchi discusses the evolution of the Lifestyle Lift and how it compares and contrasts to traditional facelifts and neck lifts. VIEW NOW


Why This Doctor Doesn't Perform the Lifestyle Lift

Dr. Mark E. Mason discusses the Lifestyle Lift and the procedure he performs on his patients. VIEW NOW

What's a Lifestyle Lift? Why Many Plastic Surgeons Don't Do It, According to This Doctor

Heard of Lifestyle Lift? Here's what it is, as explained by Dr. Richard J. Bruneteau. VIEW NOW

Combining Procedures With Your Facelift or Neck Lift — The Doctor's Recommendations

Dr. Paul Lanfranchi discusses if you should add additional facial procedures to your lower facelift and neck lift. VIEW NOW