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Could LED Skin Treatment Damage my Eyes?

I have had two LED skin treatments.  Damp cotton pads and goggles are placed over my eyes during the LED treatment, but the strobe lights are so... READ MORE

Are the Results from Red Light LED Facial Therapy Permanent?

Of course, provided a good preventative maintenance program is followed post treatments, i.e. staying out of the sun and using 30+SPF when exposed to... READ MORE

Can LED Red Light Treatment cause facial fat loss?

I have been a happy LED light user. It seems it has been a massive help for skin tone and acne. However I have same time experienced facial fat loss.... READ MORE

I bought the TANDA Luxe and have started using it. I am red and irritated on places I've used it. Is this normal?

Is it normal to be red the next day and a few days after? Second my skin does not break out but has started to break out since i've started using it?... READ MORE

Contraindication with Juvederm in lips and LED treatment? (photo)

Had Juvederm injected in top lip border only. Had intensive LED treatment on face with attention to upper lip wrinkles. Lip got slightly swollen, red... READ MORE

Can LED Red Light Therapy Cause or Worsen Hyperpigmentation?

 I purchased the Baby Quasar md red light. At first, the results were quite good. But now,  I am beginning to notice that my old acne scars... READ MORE

Can an LED light device actually cause freckles or age spots to form?

I noticed using my at home LED light device (3 inter chanagble LED light heads inblue, red and green) I began developing, or possibly (maybe both)... READ MORE

Can an LED device, such as the LightStim for wrinkles, cause hyper pigmentation?

If so, with continued use, will the hyper pigmentation eventually get better or worse? I have light freckles and am prone to melasma. My melasma is... READ MORE

Is LED Hair Treatment Safe During Pregnancy?

My hair stylist used a machine that emits 635nm red LED and 990nm LED light for my hair loss treatment for 10mins just once as I was 5 weeks pregnant... READ MORE

Can a LED light therapy mask burn the skin?

I used the LED face mask for a client who has eczema on her face (red light) and it had a burning effect on the skin. The face is now inflamed and... READ MORE

Can Red Light Therapy cause inflammation of the eyes?

I have had four week of Red Light Therapy treatment at a salon, I went an did a treatment, I got home noticed that the out side conners of my eyes... READ MORE

The nurse did not clean face before applying chemical. Now I have bumps, itchy, & dry skin. Is this normal?

Blue light therapy yesterday. I told the nurse that I had not washed my face (I had fallen asleep with my granddaughter the night before). I didn't... READ MORE

Can I take Blue Light for acne for 12 consecutive days for 1 hour for better results? (Photos)

Can i take blue light for consecutive 12 days for acne my doctor recommended it ,i have done 6 treatments i don't see much result i also take it for... READ MORE

How far does one sit in front of LED treatment lights in the office?

I was in a office for 2 visits and both times the aesthetician / nurse had different distances and said the doctor did not care. READ MORE

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