Latisse: The Best Eyelash Growth Treatment

Latisse is an amazing product that works by keep your hair in the anagen phase of hair growth. By doing this, Latisse will keep your eyelashes around longer while strengthening your hair follicles and resulting in fuller, longer, and thicker lashes. VIEW NOW

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Treatment for Long, Thick, Strong Lashes

Emily de St. Pierre, Medical Aesthetician, explains how to get long, thick, strong lashes using a serum. VIEW NOW

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Platelet-Rich Plasma and Progesterone — A Combination That Regrows the Eyebrows

Dr. Jason Emer uses PRP and progesterone to regrow the hair on a woman's eyebrows. He explains how the mixture stimulates hair growth and how over time it causes the hair to return much thicker and stronger. VIEW NOW


How Does Latisse Work?

Dr. Alex Eshaghian discusses Latisse, a product used to treat sparse eyelashes. He also explains risks and possible side effects. VIEW NOW

Milestone Moments — A Guide to Looking Your Best for Special Occasions

From CoolSculpting to laser hair removal to skin care treatments, Dr. David B. Reath presents a checklist to help you prepare and build confidence for your next event no matter how much time you have. VIEW NOW


Non-Invasive Procedures Can Maintain Your Results After Plastic Surgery, Says This Doctor

Dr. Christopher Park lists treatments commonly available at medical spas and how they can compliment and maintain results after surgery. VIEW NOW

Latisse Myths: The Doctor Sets the Record Straight

There are so many misconceptions floating around about Latisse. Dr. Sheila S. Nazarian explains the facts and what you need to know. VIEW NOW


Latisse 101: What You Need to Know Before Starting This Beauty Treatment

Danielle McElroy, the medical esthetician at The Dermatology Center of Indiana, explains what to expect when using Latisse. VIEW NOW


How Do You Use Latisse? Watch This Demonstration

Jennifer Prince from Dr. John J. Corey's office explains how to use Latisse for longer, thicker lashes. VIEW NOW

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Will Latisse Make Your Eyes Change Color?

Heard of Latisse? This prescription medication has many benefits, says Dr. Brian Windle, but could it change your light-colored eyes brown? Watch to find out! VIEW NOW


Extend the Life (and Length) of Your Eyelashes With Latisse

Latisse is growing rapidly as a hugely popular drug for lengthening and thickening the eyelashes with few adverse side effects. Dr. Kathleen Morno explains more about this incredible prescription treatment. VIEW NOW

Latisse Provides Simple and Effective Eyelash Growth

Latisse's history of development from a glaucoma medication to the popular eyelash growth formula used today is explained by Gretta Handley, Patient Care Manager at Davis Plastic Surgery. VIEW NOW



Doctor Brian Biesman discusses Latisse. VIEW NOW