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Age Limit for Lasik?

I am a 54 year old male. is lasik advisable for someone my age READ MORE

Headaches and blurred vision after Lasik enhancement. What can I do?

Hello, I had my initial Lasik surgery 5 yrs ago. I recently had a Lasik "Enhancement" done in June, 2014. My surgeon didn't explain to me that he... READ MORE

Lasik Surgery for High Farsightedness?

I am 48 and considering wave-front lasik surgery to correct my farsightedness.I currently wear progressive glasses at +4.25. I have a lot of cornea... READ MORE

Lasik and Menopause

1'm 46, menopausal, have had 30 yrs of contacts, have thick corneas (-7,-8) While I'm scheduled for surgery soon, I'm afraid. Will I have... READ MORE

Blurry Vision After Lasik Touch Up Surgery Following Multi-focal Refractive Surgery. Will I Improve?

I had multi-focal refractive surgery about 5 mos. ago. My vision didn't turn out to what I had hoped. 3 days ago I had lasik touch up surgery(so they... READ MORE

Reversed Vision After Lasik?

I'm 49 yrs old. Before my lasik I can see close without glasses and need glasses to see far. After my lasik this was reversed. Now I can see far... READ MORE

Overcorrected after LASIK enhancement. Initial LASIK performed 17 years ago. When can I have the overcorrection revised?

I was way over corrected with an enhancement performed in Jan 2014. I am 50 so now can't see anything close up. Very frustrating. Then in June 2014... READ MORE

If my distance prescription is changing annually slightly, will that continue to change after lasik surgery is performed?

My concern is my perscription over the years seems to change a bit anually, I have slight estigmatism and I cant see distance with out glasses. I read... READ MORE

Lasik 4 Years Ago and Now Perimenopausal and Experiencing Burning Dry Eyes?

I am a 48 year old female and had lasik eye surgery 4 years ago. After the lasik eye surgery I had to use drops however no significant eye dryness... READ MORE

Severe daily headaches (occipital) with motion-driving, riding train, since January. No recent trauma.

Female-52-bx: LASIK '2011, PRK 6/14, Left cataract not yet ready for surgery. Increased myopia, blurred vision. Evaluated for vertigo-negative. Eye... READ MORE

I'm a 45yr old female & vision had gotten slightly worse every year since 16. Can I get LASIK if my vision is still changing?

. It has not yet stabilized. I'm not sure of my glasses prescription but for my contacts, I wear a 7.5 in my left eye and have a slight astigmatism... READ MORE

46 and Hyperopia/Astigmatism Probably Going to Mexico or India?

Unless I can get someone to treat me in the USA (fat chance!) I've been told "what's wrong" with my eyes my entire life. Why I'm not qualified for... READ MORE

2 weeks after LASIK and my vision is very blurry.

47 year old male here. I had been wearing soft contacts since a teen -3.5 in both eyes. Recently, I occasionally wore 1.0 reading glasses I did not... READ MORE

My Mom & dad's age are 48 & 58, will it be ok for them to have LASIK?

My Mom has issue in reading. Will LASIK will help her? Also is it good to have LASIK at age of 50? READ MORE

Considering eye surgery to correct severe myopia. Do you have any suggestions?

I have very severe near-sightedness. I am 46 years old, and went for a lasik consult approx 18 years ago and was told that my cornea was too thin to... READ MORE

Can I get Lasik if I've had Cataract surgery?

Hi. Im a 50 yer old male and I'm thinking about getting lasik done.. I had my cataracts replaced in my 20s READ MORE

I had lasik 10 days ago in my left eye only. Post surgery it was -1.50. I was overcorrected to +.75. Will this regress?

I am 51 and opted for monovision because I can read well when I don't wear contacts or long-distance glasses. I simulated monovision for 3 months by... READ MORE

What % of Lasik Patients (Age 40+) Lose Their Corrected Vision (After 7+ Years) and Need Vision Correction Again?

Doctors all say about 1-3% of patients need to redo their laser surgery, who are within a 1-2 year period of having prior laser surgery. However, it... READ MORE

Does LASIK using a 90 micrometer flap on thin corneas present particular risks?

I am a 48, female and have corneal thickness of 483 and 490 prescription, r sph-3, cyl -350, 20 axis, left -2.25 sph, cyl -3.75, 152 axis. At free... READ MORE

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