Erbium + Laser Resurfacing

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Ebrium Laser Resurfacing Vs Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

I am planning to get one of these treatments, to treat my acne scars, sun damage/uneven tan. I would consider the degree of my skin condition as... READ MORE

How long does it take to see results after an ablative erbium laser resurfacing treatment?

Hi. I received an ablative erbium laser resurfacing treatment on my whole face 5 weeks ago. I am 42 and the main goal was to reduce wrinkles and see... READ MORE

Would Like to Know if Erbium Yag Laser Resurfacing Can Result in Loss of Facial Volume?

I have been recommended a series, six weeks apart, as I am in my sixties. A friend of mine had a single, very effective laser treatment, and although... READ MORE

Erbium or CO2, Fraxel or Ablative?

I am sixty, fair, and my skin is not too bad. All of the above have been recommended, all for different reasons. I know I do not want white, waxy... READ MORE

What is better? Co2 fractional or erbium yag fractional/pixel laser to resurface skin?

I have had scar excision on my face. This is where you trade a pock mark for a line...somewhat. I have been told 6 weeks after to have laser and I do... READ MORE

I had ablative erbium laser resurfacing nearly seven weeks ago .Will I have any more improvement than I'm seeing now?

I was quite pleased with the improvement I saw 3/4 weeks after my treatment but now at nearly 7 weeks it seems my scars are returning . Will I have... READ MORE

How long does it take for skin to return to normal with Erbium Laser Resurfacing?

I'm a male so I'm thinking wearing makeup, for me particularly, isnt really feasible. I was just wondering how long I'd have to wait before skin... READ MORE

Is there a way to have Laser resurfacing without getting that "shiny face" look afterward?

I am looking at having either fractional resurfacing or ebrium laser resurfacing. Is there a way to have resurfacing without getting that "shiny face"... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for Palomar 2940 Erbium Fraxel laser resurfacing?

My doctor said he's putting the equipment on highest setting, doing two passes over most of my face and up to five around my mouth and chin, where I... READ MORE

How do you get rid of telangiectasia after laser resurfacing? (photos)

I recently had Erbium Laser Resurfacing 3 months ago and noticed small red veins popping up really bad on the right side of my face. I had a few... READ MORE

No results Erbium laser resurfacing after 2 weeks?

I had an agressive Erbium laser resurfacing combined with non ablative Erbium laser 2 weeks ago. The settings were high and I had a week downtime, so... READ MORE

My PS has a third generation combination CO2/Erbium YAG laser. Are my concerns about hyperpigmentation valid? (Photo)

I had a facelift 8 months ago. Now I need to have the resurfacing to help with the deep lines around my mouth, which is what bothered me in the first... READ MORE

Is red or dark skin normal during the healing process after laser skin resurfacing? When will the normal color return? (photo)

I had sciton halo laser skin resurfacing on my face 3.5 weeks ago. They used the erbium laser as spot treatment to remove dark raised bumps. I have... READ MORE

Fotona Erbium micropeel screen look

I'm concerned because everything seems to be peeling but my cheeks where I have like a screen look. Like someone slapped me with a fly swatter. Will... READ MORE

Vertical lip lines still present 2 weeks after laser resurfacing. Should I try fillers instead?

I have Erbium laser resurfacing on my upper lip for vertical lip lines. I am two weeks post procedure and the lip lines are exactly the same. My... READ MORE

Fordyce Spots and laser resurfacing.

I suffer from fordyce spots on lips. I was recommended to get a laser session with the sciton joule erbium laser to remove the spots. How effective is... READ MORE

Erbium Laser for rolled acne scars? (Photos)

I am 22 year old male with rolled acne scars similar to the pictures below. These are most visible on my left temple. My question is, what results can... READ MORE

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