White Hair + Laser Hair Removal

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Is There A Way To Permanently Remove White Hairs?

Is There A Way To Permanently Remove White Hairs? I'm 23 READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Salt and Pepper Facial Hair?

I am 58 years old and have partially gray hair. The hair on my face is quite dense and mixed dark and white waxing is not for me and at this point I... READ MORE

Using Meladine to Improve Laser Hair Removal?

I have some white hair on my back which I would like to remove with a laser. I have had 8 treatments with the Elos Comet laser which claims to treat... READ MORE

I'm 27 years old, I have white hairs on my head. How to remove it permanently?

I'am 27 years old, I have white hairs on bread how to remove it for permanent. READ MORE

How to remove white hairs permanently?

I m krrish I m almost 18 I have many white hairs like 60% of my hairs. I wanna. Remove it permanently. So plz say me a best hair treatment and that's... READ MORE

Does the alma soprano laser hair removal actually work?

I am very white and have dark thick hair, my family ethnically is a hispanic/ morrocan mix READ MORE

What is hair removal laser is best for Persians 3 or 4 level who has some white hairs on her face with black hairs?

Legs, bikini and lower belly are more coarse black hairs. To remove possibility of burns and pigmentation and dealing with sparse white hairs is there... READ MORE

White hair treatment. 26 years old.

My black hairs are now turning to white. now i had little white hairs and now beard also turning to white, i need to cure this before it spread. i... READ MORE

Permanent removal of white and gray hairs from chins?

Hi my name is Mian , I am 26 year old , there are several white&gray hairs came up in my beard they looks pretty weird , some time it's hard for... READ MORE

Want suggestion for electrolysis treatment in white hair surgery?

I'm 19 years old &suffering from white hair's. About 50%of my hair's got damaged & turned to white..so is electrolysis treatment will help me... READ MORE

Is there an effective laser hair removal for white/grey facial vellus hair? (Photo)

Dear doctors, I am 25 years old, fair skinned woman, and have brown hair. On my face however, I have these noticeable white-ish vellus hairs along my... READ MORE

Suggestions for removing white beard hair

Hello. when I shave my face my skin gets irritated, so I usually only trim my beard and not shave it off. I would like to look shaved. so am thinking... READ MORE

Removal of white hairs. Male, age 26. (photos)

Hi i m 26 year old & got too much white hairs in my head & that makes me look old so is der any way which helps me to get rid off these hairs... READ MORE

l got white hair on the face. l want something to permanent remove. Any suggestions?

L have hear about malady ointment made it the usa can you find it for me it got lavender oil papaya asparagus root spearmint saw palmetto if thats... READ MORE

Candela Gentlelase laser treatment is turning some of my hairs white! What could be causing this?

Three weeks after my first laser session using the Candela Gentlelase for my underarm hair and bikini area I have noticed some of my hairs are growing... READ MORE

My beard is white; what do I do?

My beard is white and growth is very early, if i shaved today , in night i see the my beard grow again. Any solution for white hair. READ MORE

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