Skin Type IV + Laser Hair Removal

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Yag Vs Diode Laser for Hair Removal on Skin Type IV?

What's more effective and safer for type IV skin? Yag or Diode. I had 1 treatment with a Candela Gentleyag 3 months ago (underarm) but dont see a... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Indian Skin?

I am of Indian origin and was considering IPL/ND Yag laser for my skin. I am skin type 4-5. I have heard of constraints in both the types ND... READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal Machine for Fine Dark Hair on Face and Upper Arms?

I have olive skin between type 3 to 4 (what I was told at clinics). I want to remove facial hair and full arm. My face and upper arms have dark &... READ MORE

I Have Type 3-4 Skin and Want to Get Laser Hair Removal. Which is Better, Diode or Alexandrite?

I want to remove some of the hair on my sideburn area. Some of the hairs are lighter than others and I know I won't get 100% removal, but I'd... READ MORE

Laser Beard Removal

Which laser is best for skin type 3 or 4 with black hairs for laser beard removal? i had the candela alexandrite on a test patch and it was tolerable.... READ MORE

Soprano vs lightsheer?

I'm a pcos pt and I'm looking for perminant laser hair removal. I've doing a lot of research trying to find the best laser machine. My skin type is... READ MORE

Electrolysis Vs Laser for Light Brown Indian Skin (Type IV) with Dark Black Hair

Hi there, I am an American of Indian Origin - living in New York. I am looking for permanent hair removal from my face (upper cheeks). My skin type is... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn - Should I Switch to a Yag Laser?

I am a Fitz IV and I've just have just had one session of the diode lightsheer on my chin,lip and neck. I got badly burned on the chin and neck but... READ MORE

Best Laser for Hair Removal on Skin Type III or IV?

I am thinking to do laser hair removal on my chest and neck but I am not sure which one is the best suitable laser for me, Alexandrite, Diode or other... READ MORE

Lumenis Lightsheet DIODE Vs Lumenis Lightsheer DUET- Long Term Effectiveness?

Hello doctors- could you pls give your advice regarding differences between those 2. Im male 30, want LHR on legs, have skin type 4 most likely (mid... READ MORE

Effective Laser Hair Removal with Less Risk of Hyperpigmentation?

I'm of East Indian decent with Fitzpatrick skin level 4 or 5. I have acne scars on my face with small pits. I still get 1 cystic acne per month. I was... READ MORE

I Have Skin Type 3/4 and Would Like to Do Laser Hair Removal. Is There a Difference Better Diode or the Nd:YAG?

I have thick black hair so am unsure which treatment is most effective? I understand that a longer wave length is more suitable as I have a darker... READ MORE

Duetto MT laser or what type of laser is most effective for my hair and skin type?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome and hypothyroidism. A mix of very coarse and fine dark brown hair. III/IV skin type with lots of PIH and darkness in inner... READ MORE

I’m a female with skin type IV who has undergone laser hair removal, what to do now that laser has caused thicker hair growth?

Before laser I had thickish upperlip and fine hairs elsewhere on my face. After 5 treatments I took a 3 month break, my hair grew and I noticed I now... READ MORE

What laser would suit my skin the best for laser hair removal? Diode Vs Nd:YAG laser. Please help me out

I'm a male, 22 years old and extremely hairy on my arms and legs. I want to start with laser hair removal. I think I'm a skin type 4 or more a 3,75.... READ MORE

Hi can skin type 4 and 5 be treated with Palomar Icon for laser hair reduction?

I have used the Nd:YAG in the past and due to some changes at my doctor's office they will be using this new laser. Is that safe? READ MORE

aurora elos laser dark skin ?

Hello everyone, Next week I have my first treatment for hair removal by a dermatologist, but not as I thought with the NG YAG laser (the mostly used... READ MORE

What is the Ideal Setting for Hair Removal with YAG on Type IV Skin? (photo)

Are the settings being used on me too low? (Fluence 14, spot 18mm, duration 10ms, 2Hz) I have naturally light caramel colored mediterranean skin, fall... READ MORE

Palomar Icon appropriate for dark skin hair removal?

I got my first laser hair removal treatment. The machine they use is a Palomar Icon. Is this IPL? Also, is it YAG? I've researched, but I can't find... READ MORE

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