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Hair Growing Back After Five Laser Hair Removal Treatments.

I had about 12 sessions of laser hair removal treatments eight years ago and after several years the hair started to grow back. I got five treatments... READ MORE

Will Pubic Hair Grow Back After 2 Laser Hair Removals?

I had 2 brazilian laser hair removal treatments. I had discussed with the nurse that I was thinking about keeping a landing strip. The nurse ended up... READ MORE

Im a 32 Years Old Man Who Did Laser Hair Removal on my Beard and Now I Want It Back What Can I Do? (photo)

I did laser hair removal with the light sheer six years agoon my facial hair when i had full beard...and its dark i have very little hair... READ MORE

Will Hair Grow Back Shorter After Laser Hair Removal?

What is the length of hair regrowth after partial hair removal treatment, since I do not want all my body hair to be removed just lightened. I was... READ MORE

What Can I Expect After One Laser Hair Removal Session for my Upper Body? (photo)

I am an Indian male with light brown skin and black hairs. I'm hairy but not that hairy, I just want my hairs on my arms, chest and abs to be less and... READ MORE

Is my Previous Laser Hair Removal Wasted Because I Am Pregnant Now? Growing Hair or Will It Go Away?

I had laser hair removal and have been "hair free" for about five years.. Well going through my pregnancy I am growing it all back and fast.. Is it... READ MORE

No Hair Growth After First Laser Treatment. When Should I Go Back?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment on my legs and arm pits 10 weeks ago and the hair still has not grown back. When should I go back for my... READ MORE

Regret Laser Hair Removal After 3 Sessions?

After 3 brazilian Laser hair removal (LHR) treatment I decided that I wanted to keep some hair. Only "after" the LHR sessions did I panicked and have... READ MORE

Patchy Regrowth After Only One Laser Hair Removal Session?

I did a single laser treatment on my forearm and it has been 2.5 months. The hair has regrown patchy with some small very light hair in some spots.... READ MORE

Deeply regret pubic hair laser removal 2 years ago. No regrowth since. Any way to reverse it?

I had about 11 sessions of laser hair removal on my pubic area two years ago and now I regret it. I have not had any regrowth but desperately want a... READ MORE

Will Hairs Regrow the Same Color and Thickness After Laser Hair Removal?

I'm a male. I want to remove hair on my legs and hands. After laser hair removal treatments, few years later, will my hairs regrow again the way they... READ MORE

How Can I Grow Back Some of the Hair Removed by Laser?

I had laser done on the back of my neck/hairline (it used to go very far down my neck and looked gross). I'm a perfect candidate for laser because... READ MORE

is 12 joules per squared centimer a high enough setting to trigger permanent hair removal on Candela Gentlelase Pro?

I'm getting laser hair removal at a clinic. I've had about 3 treatments but I've noticed that the nurse always keeps the setting at that level. I've... READ MORE

ND Yag Candela Gentle Stimulated Hair Growth on my Back and Shoulders (photo)

I've been going to this hair removal clinic for 2 years now, and laser made the fine hair on my back longer and darker. I am naturally very light... READ MORE

Will Hair Removed with Laser Regrow?

I had 2 sessions of laser hair removal on the bikini where the entire area was treated. I had a change of heart and decided to keep a triangle of hair... READ MORE

Skin and hair burn due to Laser Hair Removal SCAR( skin burn ) SEMI-burnt ( curly hair ) BURNT HAIR RE-GROWTH. (photos) I got my forehead and upper-lip hair removal by laser ( first sitting ) and accidentally my skin got burnt and good part of my eye brow... READ MORE

Hair Growing Back Super Dark and Coarse After Laser Hair Removal. Painful Red Bumps and Ingrown Hairs. Please Help Me?

I got my first Brazilian laser hair removal treatment 5 days ago. My hair is extremely coarse and I shave everyday and it still grows out. After my... READ MORE

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