What are the costs and treatments for regrowing pubic hair (landing strip/triangle) after laser hair removal?

I had a full Brazilian laser hair removal. But now I want to regrow just a little bit of hair on the pubis mound back, preferably a thin landing strip or triangle. Is this possible with a hair transplant and how much would this cost? I've heard of PRP therapy and Rogaine with microneedling, but can this be pinpointed to just a landing strip or would the whole bikini area grow back?

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Getting Hair to Grow After Laser Hair Removal

I have tried Rogaine topically and PRP/progesterone injections for those who have had hair removal in the past. In some instances some of the hair has grown back. Cost will vary. I recommend getting a formal evaluation with a hair loss expert for treatment options. Best, Dr. Emer

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After laser hair removal, want some hair back

This is an unusual request. PRP would not be specific and would potentially grow hair back in a diffuse manner. Transplant would be the definitive and accurate way to get hair back in this area.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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