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How to Remove Unwanted Hair on Forehead w/o Harming Hairline Area?

My goal is to remove unwanted hair near the hairline area without harming the hairline. My plan would be use a wet (wooden) tongue depressor to shield... READ MORE

Changing forehead and hairline. Forehead is too narrow looking to widen it don't know what the best option is. (Photo)

I have a very small forehead as my hairline has a uncommon shape. I cannot stand my hairline and ever since i have started shaving it to look more... READ MORE

How much will it cost to get rid of my widows peak hair line?

I have a widows peak hair line and I am very self conscious of it. It make me look like an evil villan. I have been shaving it to keep it hidden for... READ MORE

Close to 5 Weeks Healing Time on Laser Hair Removal Burn?

I had my 1st session of Laser Hair removal almost 5 weeks ago, & ONE side of my face is burned and still healing. The laser center claims that the... READ MORE

Will getting laser hair removal on my forehead and hairline look natural? As if the hairs were never there? (photos)

I have a lot of noticeable hairs in my forehead and slot of baby hairs around my hairline I would like to get rid. My hair line is not straight which... READ MORE

Will the hair on my forehead and eyebrows grow back after a messy laser removal? Can i do anything to stimulte growth?

Originally my hairline was very low: 1st treatment- she lasered a small amount as requested 2nd- she lasered a LOT more which I didn't ask for. 3rd-... READ MORE

I had Laser hair removal on hairline and sideburns. Any suggestions on Yag lasers? (photos)

I just got laser hair removal on my hairline and sideburns. I am Mexican and so I have medium/brown skin. They used the alexandrite laser on me, Is... READ MORE

Laser Went Above Hairline, Will It Grow Back? 2 Treatments with GentleYAG.

I had two treatments done on the back of my neck, but I guess I wasn't very clear with the technician and it doesn't look very even now. I... READ MORE

Is There A Way For Me To Pull Back The Hairline At The Sides Of My Face?

Hi. i'd like to know if there's a procedure that can pull back the hairline at the sides of the head. i mean is it possible to get the effect... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove hair from your hairline with laser hair removal permanently? Will it look natural/ pretty afterwards?

Is it possible to remove unwanted hair from your hairline with laser hair removal to achieve higher/bigger forehead? And afterwards will it look like... READ MORE

Can I Still Get a Receding Hairline if I Got Laser Hair Removal?

I had a very small forehead and decided to have laser hair removal to remove some hair and make my forehead bigger. I have a family history of... READ MORE

Will this hair grow back? (photo)

I have had two sessions of Laser on my side burns, but the lady went over ALL my side burns and a little into my hair line. The hair line hair grew... READ MORE

Is it safe to get laser hair removal on forehead below hairline?

Hi i am a 20 year old female and have an embarassing problem. I shaved my baby hairs a few years ago drunk and stupid and now a dark patch of stubble... READ MORE

Is there anyway to fix my hairline besides laser hair removal? (Photo)

I had one session of laser hair removal and I did not like it because it was not a straight hairline how I wanted it to be. The hairs have fully grown... READ MORE

Mohs surgeon rotated sideburn hair into horizontal incision. What is a permanent solution for this unwanted hair?

I had a Mohs surgery 4 months ago for a large basal cell carcinoma on my cheek. Reconstruction utilzed a cheek flap technique. The surgeon made the... READ MORE

Can I achieve higher hairline with laser hair removal so my new big forehead will look like the hair were never there?

Is it possible to remove unwanted hair from your hairline with laser hair removal to achieve higher/bigger forehead? And afterwards will it look like... READ MORE

Is there a way to lower my hair line? Or should I get l laser hair removal on my scalp? Is that even safe? (photo)

Hi I am a young man with a really bad receding hairline. I got to the point where I just shaved my head. However, I'm tired of shaving every two days!... READ MORE

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