Coarse Hair + Laser Hair Removal

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Nd Yag or Alexandrite Laser for Coarse Hair?

I have very coarse hair in my bikini, legs, and underarm area. while the hair on my arms and belly is normal. I am skin type 3-4 and i went to 2... READ MORE

I Have Very Dark Hair and Very Light Skin. Which Laser Method Would Be Best for Me?

I have very dark hair, with light Irish skin coloring. Which laser hair removal system would be best for my thick course leg hair? READ MORE

Effect of PCOS on Laser Hair Removal Treatment? What Laser is Best?

I am a 32 yr old female with PCOS and have very black coarse hair on my chin. I use tweezers every 2-3 days and struggle with nasty stubble that are... READ MORE

African American Seeking Laser Hair Removal?

HI, I have medium brown skin tone and coarse black hair. I am looking for a good laser for hair removal... permanently. I have tried a diode laser... READ MORE

Is 12 J of Fluency Enough to Achieve Permanent Hair Reduction?

Hi I have received my last laser treatment with a new laser the lightsheer HS, the top fluence level go up to 12joules, and I was wondering if it was... READ MORE

Plucking immediately after laser treatment?

I have very course, dense, black chin hair which grows very quickly (everyday) and my technician has advised me that I will need 8 treatments every 3... READ MORE

How Far Up Can I Expect Them to Go for Full Legs?

I got a package for full brazillian plus extended bikini, but I still have dark coarse hair on the backs of my thighs (from the backs of my knees all... READ MORE

LightSheer Duet or Yag for Light Skinned South Asian With Dark Coarse Hair? (photo)

I am from Pakistan, with lighter skin than most South Asians with dark coarse hair - my skin also pigments dark brown with ingrown hair. I have done... READ MORE

Will Pubic Hair Become Coarser After Laser Hair Removal (LHR)?

Two months ago I had one brazilian LHR session but will continue with a traditional bikini style. I want all the mound/labia hair. At the moment a few... READ MORE

What is hair removal laser is best for Persians 3 or 4 level who has some white hairs on her face with black hairs?

Legs, bikini and lower belly are more coarse black hairs. To remove possibility of burns and pigmentation and dealing with sparse white hairs is there... READ MORE

Why is laser hair removal not working for me?

I am Caucasian, pretty fair skin tone. My hair is very dark and coarse. I do have a bit of red and blonde mixed in. But the majority is dark brown. I... READ MORE

What is the best laser hair removal for olive /medium skin with dark hair?

Hi , I am a south east asian with medium skin tone, more of gold tone in it, i have dark black coarse hair on my chin and lower of cheeks, tha i shave... READ MORE

Does laser treated hair return coarse?

I m a man i did more than 7 laser hair removal sessions for my cheeks. i had very coarse hair before treatment. after the treatment i get fine hair... READ MORE

Widows peak Laser Hair Removal?? Will I have a shadow once the treatment is done?

I have a widows peak which I would like to have lasered off. I have medium coarse hair and white skin. I'd like to know after completing treatment,... READ MORE

Is it normal for redness to last several days and for hair to take as long as a week to fall out?

I've had 3 laser removal sessions on my face. I'm mtf transgender have brown skin and very coarse dark hair. After every session I've had it has taken... READ MORE

Paradoxical hair stimulation from laser. Is there any way out of this situation?

I started getting laser hair removal on face and neck 2 years back and needed to go every 6-8 weeks. I have noticed that the hair re-growth has become... READ MORE

Horrible Hair Growth After Being Treated with a Laser, What Can I Do?

I have been treated with a laser for two years now. first of all, it's incredibly painful and i break out after each treatment. hair started to... READ MORE

I finished 13 sessions in Jan, 7 upper body, 6 lower body, but I'm still hairy on my stomach. Is this right? (Photo)

June of 2014 I purchased/started laser. I was extremely hairy from shaving baby hairs that later turned into, coarse dark hair. Tested 1st & no... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness on Me

I have skin type 3 with coarse black hair all over except on my back which is fine hair. For my coarse hair my laser technition has been using... READ MORE

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