Breasts + Laser Hair Removal

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Can Hair Around Breast Nipple Be Removed by Laser?

Embarased by hair on my nipples. can it be taken off entirely without damage to my breast skin? READ MORE

Best Way of Removing Breast Hair?

I am 27 years old and have hair on my breasts. What is the best way to permanently remove the hair without scarring? READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Around Nipple and Breast Cysts

Hello. Can one of the doctors on this board advise if it is safe to have laser hair removal around the nipple area? I have breast cysts and... READ MORE

Can Laser Hair Removal on the Breasts Cause Damage to Breast Tissue or Mammary Glands?

I'm considering laser hair removal on breasts. I'm not currently pregnant or breast feeding, but wondered if the laser treatments could cause... READ MORE

October 3rd is my 2 year boobie birthday! I wanted to get rid of these unsightly hairs around my nipple? (Photo)

Is it safe to have laser hair removal around the areola? Will this affect sensation? Is it safe for women with implants? READ MORE

Hair growth on breast and stomach: How can this be cured?

I have enough growth of hairs all over my body covering breast and stomach area too and also have irregular periods. How can this be cured? READ MORE

Best treatment to permanently remove thin hair on chest/breasts? (photos)

Every 6 weeks for a year I did laser hair removal treatment on my chest. I didn't continue because I saw no difference in that time. The hair is thin,... READ MORE

What is the best option for chest or breast hair removal for a female?

I am a 20-year-old African American woman and I have short, dark hair in between my breasts. I also have some hair on my breasts. I do not want to... READ MORE

Safe to do laser hair removal on and around the breast area with breast implants?

Hello, I feel silly for asking this but, is it safe to have laser hair removal done on my breasts if I have breast implants? I'm about 4 months... READ MORE

If I do laser treatment, can it stop permanently? (photo)

Im 30yrs and single.i have some hair growing in my brest.when i remove hair it grow if i do laser treatment can it stop permanently? READ MORE

Hair growing out of my breast - may be hormones, please help really embarrassed. (photo)

So I've been having hair growing out of my breast and chin and Well my behind I think it may be hormones I'm 27 if that's the case will hormone... READ MORE

Will laser hair removal to breast and nipples damage nerves associated with arousal?

If the laser damages the hair follicles, does it damage nerves attached or around the area that respond to touch or arousal? Also, does the heat from... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for hidradenitis suppurativa?

21 yr old female here. I have had hidradenitis suppurativa for approx 8 years, first noticing it in middle school. I get flare ups every few months,... READ MORE

Can laser hair removal be used and effective for hair on stomach, bottom and breasts (actual and between)?

Wanted to know about what type of laser if any should be used and how to go about permanently getting rid of this hair. It is thicker on stomach but... READ MORE

I have hairs on my chest and breast. I'm 13 yrs old. What age can you get a Laser Hair Removal?

I'm 13 years old almost 14 and i have noticed that i have been growing hairs on my chest and on my breast i pluck them but i notice that red spots are... READ MORE

Does laser hair removal or electrolysis remove these pores after a length of time?

I recently have developed hair on my breasts so now I have huge pores "holes" on my breasts. Does laser hair removal or electrolysis remove these... READ MORE

I'm considering having total body laser hair removal with laser.

I'm considering having total body laser hair removal with laser. Total legs, arms, Brazilian bikini, feet, belly, back and breast. What the cost will... READ MORE

I have got breast implants and I want to use laser hair removal on my breast. Is that affect my implants ? Thanks

They wrote on instruction book do not use it on silicon implants. The hair removal machine is philips lumea sc2009 IPL technology. READ MORE

I have these dark hair like bumps all over my body. (photos)

I have these bumps all overt except my face. They're very noticeable on my legs, arms, buttocks and breast. They're not that visible on my stomach and... READ MORE

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