Bleaching + Laser Hair Removal

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Can I Bleach my Face in Between Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

I am getting laser hair remoaval treatment but i am on a break for about 4 months as i am abroad! id like to know if it is safe to bleach my facial... READ MORE

Is It Safe for Asian to Bleach Facial Hair in Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Can I bleach my facial hair between my laser hair removal treatments? I m 20 yrs old, Asian, fair skinned, female in Middle East. I suffer from dark... READ MORE

I bleached by upper lip a week before my laser hair removal treatment, will it still work?

I read you have to stop bleaching 6 week prior to appointment, my hair is dark but will the treatment still work if i bleached it ??? btw this is my... READ MORE

Should I Wax the Bleached Hair Away Before I Started to Do Laser Hair Removel?

Should I Wax the Bleached Hair Away Before I Started to Do Laser Hair Removel? READ MORE

Is it necessary to shave OR wait for the bleached facial hair to wear off before IPL hair removal?

I would like to know if 1. it is necessary to shave my cheek & upperlips for the treatment because shaving has always made my hair thicker on my... READ MORE

Will Eyebrows Grow Back After One Laser Session?

I had one laser session done to clean up my eyebrow ,the doctor by mistake removed a big part from the end line of my eyebrow ! They are too short now... READ MORE

Can I use a skin bleach on my skin between Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

I want to bleach my skin (I know it's bad but I want quick whitening results) but I'm afraid that the laser will somehow make my skin darker or burn... READ MORE

Is it correct to wax or bleach on face while someone is taking Laser Treatment for facial hair removal.

I have taken twelve seating for facial hair removal by laser technique. I take seating in 8-10 week, result is quite noticeable but not appreciable.Is... READ MORE

How can I get rid of hyperpigmentation around mouth? (photos)

I got laser hair removal on my upper lip a few times a while back (couple years ago) and I think it may have been the cause of this dark ring around... READ MORE

I bleached my hair. Will laser work?

I have gone through 8 to 10 settings of lazer treatment bt there is no sigh of relief.only the coarseness of hair has reduced but the hair growth has... READ MORE

I'm undergoing my upper lip hair removal treatment. Next seating is done on 23rd June. Can I use bleach in between?

Hairs looks bad wen go outside...will it effect my laser treatment..n if not which bleach should I use?( Gap period between seatings is 1 month ) I hv... READ MORE

I have hair at the bottom of my chin. What should I do?

3-4 are thick and rest are thin and get bleached . I have heard that if laser is done directly without the use of raser the hair doesnt regrow . Is it... READ MORE

Is it safe to be getting anal bleaching and laser hair removal treatments in the same time period?

Not on the same day but, since both take a few sessions, is it safe to have an anal bleaching session within a week or two of a laser hair removal... READ MORE

Bleach On My Face Right Before Laser Hair Removal. 2nd Treatment 15 Days After, Now Have PIH?

I am an Indian girl from Andhrapradesh. I am regularly getting dark spots on my face; creams are only a temporary solution, can you suggest a... READ MORE

Severe breakouts after Laser Hair Removal on face, what should I do?

I did laser on my face every 6 weeks with lightsheer for a year. I stopped for another year, just started up again. I have dark hair light skin and... READ MORE

Does hyper-pigmentation due to laser mean you must NEVER AGAIN be exposed to the sun?

Yesterday I started using Tiliium bleaching cream for the hyper-pigmentated patches of skin. My legs / bikini / snail trail are a mess "If" the cream... READ MORE

Is this hyperpigmentation or burns, from laser hair removal? (Photo)

I noticed these after my third treatment for the underarms. The area is very dry and skin is wrinkly. It's been two months and they haven't... READ MORE

Can I bleach my chin hair between laser hair removal sessions?

I've recently started laser hair removal but my chin hairs grows very thick and dark..and very fast, I had tried shaving, but it just look worst. Is... READ MORE

Can you please explain the logic behind not going for laser hair removal treatment while you have bleached your face?

As per my knowledge bleach only works on surface hair not beneath the skin while lazer works on roots. The reason i asked this question because i hv... READ MORE

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