Will Eyebrows Grow Back After One Laser Session?

I had one laser session done to clean up my eyebrow ,the doctor by mistake removed a big part from the end line of my eyebrow ! They are too short now , I kinda regret it as I dont like the cleaned up eyebrow :( . I don't know the type of laser , it is the one that bleaches the hair and the doctor said that they will fall later . But I noticed that the dark hair are falling out too !! I am so worried . Will they grow back ? Are they going to look the same ? I have fair- white skin and dark hair .

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Laser Hair Removal on Eyebrows

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Thank you for your question. You will not know for several months how the results will be.  Typically, only 10-20 % of the hair is destroyed at one time during the hair cycle.  Hopefully you will still have enough surviving hair follicles to look symmetrical. Be certain to be under the supervision of a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon with expertise in laser surgery and ethnic skin for the most effective and safe treatments. I hope this helps.

Typically it takes more than one session to make the laser hair permanent

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I always suggest in such a delicate area to just get electrolysis around the eyebrows and not laser hair.  With electrolysis you can focus on individual hair and not a whole area.  That way you don't accidentally zap too much hair.  Let me know what happens.

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