1 Week Post-op + Laser Hair Removal

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1 week post op of Laser Hair Removal, I noticed some hair shed without a root. Is this normal?

I had my first last hair removal appointment a week ago on my bikini area. I've been hopeful it's worked because large areas don't seem to be growing... READ MORE

Will I Have Scars and Discoloration on my Legs After Laser Hair Removal Burns? (photo)

I had laser hair removal treatment a week ago and now I have burns all over my lower legs. Will I have scars and discoloration on my skin? I'm... READ MORE

Will shaving before the 2 week mark where shedding will occur have a negative effect on the hair falling out?

I got laser hair removal a week ago, and the hair is growing back like it is suppose to, however, I am curious if shaving before the 2 week mark where... READ MORE

One week post laser hair removal and still red and itchy with bumps. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hello. I had laser hair removal to my bikini and underarms 7 days ago and still have this skin reaction and itching. The itching has gotten a little... READ MORE

Itchy Bumps 1 Week After 2nd E- Light Hair Removal?

I have developed some itchy red bumps 1 weeks after my 2nd E-light hair removal treatment. Nothing happened for the 1st treatment, and it is the same... READ MORE

After hair laser removal, I got scabs and dark pigment on my face. Why did this happen? (Photo)

After hair laser I got scabbie and dark pigment on my face. Its been one week and no changes will it fade why did this happen? READ MORE

I Got Laser Hair Removal on August 24,2013, Are My Burns Normal? (photo)

I've gone back to the center the doctor said this is normal , and offered me a free session to which I said hell no! It was excruciating to say the... READ MORE

I had a treatment for a bikini laser hair removal a week ago. Could my skin be permanently scarred or burnt? (Photo)

I guess the laser was set at too high (even though no other areas of my body have been burnt - and I am doing the same type of treatment for legs,... READ MORE

Razor bumps and ingrown hair after 7 days of Light Sheer Diode Laser Hair removal.

I had a laser hair removal with a light Sheer diode machine, a week ago. However, after a week I still have razor bumps, and ingrown hair.  My... READ MORE

Will my skin recover after I was burned during laser hair removal treatment? (Photo)

I was burned by Candela Laser during my laser hair removal treatment last week. My legs were red and swollen, but I am recovering from that. However I... READ MORE

Post-laser hair removal complications. Will the red spots be hyperpigmented? (Photo)

I have had a 2nd laser hair removal session 5 days ago, and was left with this. I did not experience this the first session. The red spots are swollen... READ MORE

Would Scar from Laser Hair Removal Heal? (photo)

Hello, I had my first laser hair removal treatment a week ago, and am very concerned about the condition of my skin. The treatment was very painful,... READ MORE

I have severe burns after laser treatment for bikini hair removal. What should I do?

Six days ago i has a bikini hair removal laser treatment, the shot power was very high and i have a severe burn all over the area. Its not burning... READ MORE

Hair Growing Back Super Dark and Coarse After Laser Hair Removal. Painful Red Bumps and Ingrown Hairs. Please Help Me?

I got my first Brazilian laser hair removal treatment 5 days ago. My hair is extremely coarse and I shave everyday and it still grows out. After my... READ MORE

Laser Burn on Labia. Will It Remain White? (photo)

This is how my labia looks like 5 days after laser hair removal nd yag machine. Will this heal and get back to a darker colour? READ MORE

When will I see my hair from laser hair removal start to shed?

I got laser hair removal on my face about a week ago now, and was wondering when I will start to see some results. I know after one session it won't... READ MORE

How long does it take for skin pigment to come back after laser hair removal?

I got laser hair removal treatment above my lip. After the second treatment two light spots appeared above my lip. A week later I went in the sun and... READ MORE

I'm 1 Week Post-LASIK, Can I Do Laser Hair Removal on my Upper Lip? (photo)

I Hav Done Lasik Surgery 1 Week Before , Can I Do Laser Hair Removal on my Upper Lip READ MORE

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