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Juvederm Without Dental Block & Topical?

I'm having my lips done Tuesday. The nurse at the office said they don't use a topical cream or dental block, the juvederm has lidocaine in it. The... READ MORE

When Should Numbing from Topical Cream Dissipate?

It's been 4 and a half hours since I had juvederm injections in my lips for the first time. The doctor didn't do a dental block and only used... READ MORE

I Had an Allergic Reaction After Injections. Dr. Says It's to Topical Numbing Cream? When Will Effects Subside?

I had juvederm and restalyne injections yesterday. the dr. put a topical numbing cream and last night began to get very red all over the face, even... READ MORE

Possible Bad Reaction to Numbing Cream After Topical Application for Juvederm Injections? (photo)

Hi, about 3 weeks ago I have juvederm injected in lips and marionette lines. The nurse put a lot of topical numbing cream on my face and around the... READ MORE

Migraine headache after temple filler?

After the numbing cream wear off, Temple area where I had filler hurts, which it never happen before. And there were obvious bumps apx Size of a... READ MORE

Significant bruising and swelling with Juvederm lip augmentation - is this normal? (Photo)

I had lip augmentation with Juverderm (1ml) done on Thursday, by a cosmetic surgeon visiting my local beauty salon. I bled badly as soon as he started... READ MORE

Any Recommendations for Experienced Filler Injectors in the GTA Area?

Could anyone offer any recommendations for good filler injectors in the GTA area? I'm looking for one specifically with experience with cheek... READ MORE

I got Juvederm XL lip injections, 1 syringe 4 days ago. Still very bruised and swollen with burning at injection site (Photo)

She put numbing cream all over lips and never felt any pain except at one injection site and now that one burns and feels raw. My top lip burns even... READ MORE

Has anyone ever had a nicked vein from lip filler? Or has had a ball formed in the lip and will it go away? (Photo)

I had some topical numbing gel applied before getting 1 ml of Juvederm Refine in my upper and lower lip. One entry point was particularly painful and... READ MORE

What type of local anesthetics are available for lip fillers so I don't feel anything (especially pain) at all during procedure?

I've had juvederm twice injected into my lips. Both times the offices would only put a white-colored, surface-numbing cream on my lips. But I have... READ MORE

Can I have lip filler if I have epilepsy?

Hi i am wanting to get lip fillers and i have temporal lobe epilepsy. Am not needle phobic, they wont be injecting any anesthesia just the juvaderm... READ MORE

Breast feeding mom and Juvederm and Raddiasse?

Hi I had juvederm and raddiassse injected into my face and am wondering if this will harm my baby 10 months old I didn't know they use lidocaine in... READ MORE

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