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Blurred Vision Dizzy Headache After Juvederm Between Brows, Normal?

I had juvederm 2 to glabellar lines and wrinkles on top of nose almost 3 weeks ago and juvederm ultra to cheeks and nose to mouth lines approximately... READ MORE

After Getting Juvederm Ultra 2 in Glabellar I've had Migraines, Dizziness, Nausea, Is this Normal?

Now 7 weeks after injections into glabellar,have severe burning headaches,vision is worsening,dizziness,loss of appetite and weight,all tests normal... READ MORE

Blurred Vision 5 Weeks After Juvederm Was Injected into Glabella

I had juvederm injected into glabella 5 weeks ago have had blurry vision for 3 weeks now severe headaches,nausea,dizziness,weight loss,blurred vision... READ MORE

Juverderm Causing Issues?

Had Juv and botox put in end of dec 12, then two weeks later wanted more Juv around my Nasal folds and my lips. She put a lot more on my right side... READ MORE

Could I be allergic to juvederm?

I am getting married in three months and I hate my nasolabial folds. I have recently (past few years) developed allergies to things I was never... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Juvederm, I have dizziness and foggy feeling. Is this normal?

I had juvederm injected into my nlf two weeks ago tomorrow and since the day of injection I have been having dizziness and a foggy feeling. I have... READ MORE

I got flu like symptoms day after Juvederm (lip injection). Any suggestions?

Lip injection of juvederm performed by a PA that especializes in lips enhancement (this was done in a clean looking aesthetic place) but im concerned... READ MORE

How to reverse side effects (headache, congestion , dizziness) of Juvederm?

5 weeks ago I had juvederm injectable fillers, 3 ultra plus around the nose and mouth and 1 voluma in my cheeks. A week later I started experiencing... READ MORE

Dizzy after face fillers. Will the dizziness last for many days?

Hello, I got face fillers yesterday and 4 hours later I started to feel dizzy. I wake up today I am still dizzy. will the dizziness last for a many... READ MORE

Dizziness and flu-like symptoms post Juvederm, should I be concerned?

I had juverderm voluma one week ago today. I have felt dizzy and foggy ever since. I don't have any pain or swelling just an ache in the temples and... READ MORE

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