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Will Juvederm Ultra Improve Jowls?

I am 62 but look late 40's (good genes). Would Juvederm Ultra get rid of my jowls? They are not a major problem but I notice them and would like to... READ MORE

2 Syringes Jowl Area Barely Noticeable? (photo)

I just had 2 syringes of juvederm in my marionette lines 4 days ago. I can barely notice a difference. Is the chin area tougher to treat and usually... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Ultra Cause Arthritis?

I had 4 syringes of Juvederm injected in a plastic surgeon's office in January. In February, I had joint pain in both knees, feet, and hips. I also... READ MORE

Juvederm Tyndall Still After 8 Months: Dr Warns Against Hyaluronidase or Extraction, So What to Do?

Juvederm 8 mths ago to correct small scar below cheek. In 2 different consults since, has been explained that juvederm was injected too superficially.... READ MORE

I Am 58 Yrs. Young and I Want to See if Juvederm Can Soften Some of my Lines {wrinkles}? (photo)

I love my natural lips, so I do not want any fillers there. I just want to soften the signs of aging and still look healthy and natural. I have a nice... READ MORE

How long does Juvederm last? Is there a product that is more long lasting than Juvederm?

I am age 63 and have marionet lines that are deep. I also noticed that I am developing jowels! I am diabetic and use oral medication to control it. I... READ MORE

I intend to get Juvederm injected by a well-regarded nurse practitioner in Orlando, FL in NLF area. Will I feel product in face?

Should I expect to "feel" Juvederm in my face after injection? don't even like to wear jewelry because it doesn't feel natural on my skin. I take good... READ MORE

I am fairly certain I should not look like this! (photos)

First time user.  Mid 50's, never a smoker and no blood thinners.  Wanted to eliminate smoker's wrinkles and fill in deeper lines around... READ MORE

I'm wondering how successful Juvaderm injections are in the cheek area.

I'm 58 and no longer have those high cheeks I used to have. I'm wondering how successful Juvaderm injections are in the cheek area. READ MORE

Marionette lines -- what can be done?

In my case, the lines are like shzdiws, or hollows, volume loss -- not creases or folds -- but still quite apparent. I've tried Juvederm injections... READ MORE

Why is Juvederm only lasting two weeks in marionette lines?

I'm 59. I've had 3 syringes (on separate occasions) of Juvederm in my marionette lines. Each and every time the results lasted only 2 weeks or less!... READ MORE

Will juvederm work for me? Typically how long do fillers last and what type of doctor should I see? (Photo)

Age 55 , hibernating and seldom look in mirrors , terrified of what I will look like in 10 years. Been researching fillers and juvederm seems to be... READ MORE

Juvederm in marionette lines?

I am 57 and was thinking of getting juvaderm for my marionette lines. I have a mild case of angular chelitis, no open wounds just a little... READ MORE

I had my lips done twice at 55. It would last about 8 months but did not look very natural. Any suggestions?

The third time I used a different doctor. He seemed to have put a big ball of filler into my top lip and another into my bottom lip. 2 months to... READ MORE

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