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Will Juvederm Ultra Improve Jowls?

I am 62 but look late 40's (good genes). Would Juvederm Ultra get rid of my jowls? They are not a major problem but I notice them and would like to... READ MORE

2 Syringes Jowl Area Barely Noticeable? (photo)

I just had 2 syringes of juvederm in my marionette lines 4 days ago. I can barely notice a difference. Is the chin area tougher to treat and usually... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Ultra Cause Arthritis?

I had 4 syringes of Juvederm injected in a plastic surgeon's office in January. In February, I had joint pain in both knees, feet, and hips. I also... READ MORE

Juvederm Tyndall Still After 8 Months: Dr Warns Against Hyaluronidase or Extraction, So What to Do?

Juvederm 8 mths ago to correct small scar below cheek. In 2 different consults since, has been explained that juvederm was injected too superficially.... READ MORE

I Am 58 Yrs. Young and I Want to See if Juvederm Can Soften Some of my Lines {wrinkles}? (photo)

I love my natural lips, so I do not want any fillers there. I just want to soften the signs of aging and still look healthy and natural. I have a nice... READ MORE

I am fairly certain I should not look like this! (photos)

First time user.  Mid 50's, never a smoker and no blood thinners.  Wanted to eliminate smoker's wrinkles and fill in deeper lines around... READ MORE

How long does Juvederm last? Is there a product that is more long lasting than Juvederm?

I am age 63 and have marionet lines that are deep. I also noticed that I am developing jowels! I am diabetic and use oral medication to control it. I... READ MORE

Marionette lines -- what can be done?

In my case, the lines are like shzdiws, or hollows, volume loss -- not creases or folds -- but still quite apparent. I've tried Juvederm injections... READ MORE

I intend to get Juvederm injected by a well-regarded nurse practitioner in Orlando, FL in NLF area. Will I feel product in face?

Should I expect to "feel" Juvederm in my face after injection? don't even like to wear jewelry because it doesn't feel natural on my skin. I take good... READ MORE

I'm wondering how successful Juvaderm injections are in the cheek area.

I'm 58 and no longer have those high cheeks I used to have. I'm wondering how successful Juvaderm injections are in the cheek area. READ MORE

Why is Juvederm only lasting two weeks in marionette lines?

I'm 59. I've had 3 syringes (on separate occasions) of Juvederm in my marionette lines. Each and every time the results lasted only 2 weeks or less!... READ MORE

Juvederm in marionette lines?

I am 57 and was thinking of getting juvaderm for my marionette lines. I have a mild case of angular chelitis, no open wounds just a little... READ MORE

Will juvederm work for me? Typically how long do fillers last and what type of doctor should I see? (Photo)

Age 55 , hibernating and seldom look in mirrors , terrified of what I will look like in 10 years. Been researching fillers and juvederm seems to be... READ MORE

Are two syringes of Juvederm sufficient for around the mouth area? (Photos)

I have always been very animated and also smoked for many years. At 60 my lower face around my mouth has become very wrinkled. I recently had two... READ MORE

I had my lips done twice at 55. It would last about 8 months but did not look very natural. Any suggestions?

The third time I used a different doctor. He seemed to have put a big ball of filler into my top lip and another into my bottom lip. 2 months to... READ MORE

Am I getting the correct product? 62 and I recently started with fillers. (Photos)

I had Botox between my eyebrows which worked pretty good. My biggest problem is My lips and first time I went doctor he used Restylane refine for my... READ MORE

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