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Jaw reduction is a procedure that involves narrowing the jaw, either through minimally invasive or surgical methods. In cases where a wide jaw is due to an enlarged muscle, Botox can be injected, causing the muscle to become smaller over the course of a few months. If the jawbone itself is wide, surgery can be performed to remove the outer layer of the bone.

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27 Years Old

Hey guys I'm almost 6 months into braces for double jaw surgery. I have a really bad underbite which makes my face look oddly proportioned and I've always felt self conscious about my longer chin. I've been bullied for most of my life over how I look. I will get the surgery next year I'm very... READ MORE

Perfect Chin Reduction by Mr Lucian Ion - United Kingdom, GB

I had this procedure along with an open rhinoplasty which I have reviewed separately. I would rate Mr Ion 5 stars for jaw reshaping/reduction from inside the mouth. No infection. Perfect healing, and the result looked just like the photoshop image of what he showed me he could achieve. No pain.... READ MORE

Square Jaw Reduction

Surgery is performed under GA and 1 night hospitalization is required to ensure that there is no internal bleeding. Satisfy with my results after after 8months from my day of surgery. This procedure need a lot of patience and positive thoughts during recovering process. Definitely worth a shot... READ MORE

Please Delete This Post

I have been looking into having V-line surgery in the US for months now and haven't found a doctor that I feel like would give me the desired shape. Many of them have before and after pics that are just not the best compared to South Korea. I have found 2 clinics that do it and haven't chosen... READ MORE

Braces with Upper and Lower Jaw Surgery - Charlotte, NC

Since I was 10 years old, my dentist told me I needed jaw surgery, especially surgery to move my lower jaw forward. My parents decided not to perform the surgery since I was so young and I'm glad they did. The technology today is amazing. I was finally at age 44, able to get the surgery... READ MORE

Double Jaw Surgery ( 22 Years Old ) - Saudi Arabia, SA

My lower jaw was a bit forward the my upper jaw, Some how it was the reason that I kept on chewing my cheeks from the inside every time I eat something, the was the first reason, and second reason is I did not like the looks of my smile with my lower jaw peeking out, so I did the surgery, it... READ MORE

The Lost Soul - South Korea

Who is willing in this World to help me? I need as jaw reduction surgery. I am a free spirit, I am a person that is happy and feels great inside, sometimes I am even able to it on the outside. I can't live like this. When I look at me and see that is not me. I am nobody special but I wish in... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Always Wanted a Slimmer Jaw, Thanks Dysport! - San Francisco, CA

This is a review for Dysport injected into the masseter muscle in order to contour the face. I am really pleased with the results and plan on getting repeat treatments when my masseter muscles begin to rebuild. Background: I grew up with a wide square-ish jaw that I had always wished was... READ MORE

Chin Reduction! - Honolulu, HI

I love Dr. Wong, he's fabulous!! I had long been unhappy with the length and projection of my chin. It made me self conscious, ever since high school. About five or six years ago, I saw a plastic/maxillofacial surgeon to finally do something about it. Needless to say, I was very disappointed.... READ MORE

DEPRESSED! Jaw/chin Surgery - South Korea, KR

Three months ago on April 13, 2016, I flew to Seoul, Korea, to have v-line (jaw/chin reduction) surgery. I also had a SMAS facelift. I did this because I was very depressed over how "fat" my face was. It was quite the ordeal and I was excited to see the results a few months later. Well, I'm not... READ MORE

30 Yrs Old, Single, and a Much Needed Chin Reduction. - Lynn, MA

I know I'm a handsome guy. I have self esteem, but I'm still self conscious, mostly about the huge lump that protrudes from the bottom of my jaw. Am I talking about a chin? Ahh yeah! Its a chin and then some. Its too much chin and needs to be significantly reduced and repositioned. To some... READ MORE

Here It Goes! New York, NY

I'm super excited and nervous and stocked and scared - Im feeling a ton of different emotions right now obvi! Lol I have finally made the decision to go forth with jaw reduction surgery aka face contouring aka having a feminine look as oppose to a masculine look. It's something I've struggled... READ MORE

38yo Woman Seeking More Feminine Facial Shape - Jupiter, FL

Hi everyone, this site helped me research results and healing process for jaw contouring so i want to add my two cents. I am a woman but my facial shape was very masculine so i sought doctors whose expertise is in femininity. I went with Dr. Vartan Mardarossian in Jupiter FL. I was also... READ MORE

Jaw Angle AUGMENTATION; Andrew Jacono - Great Neck, NY

(Edit: there is no choice for Jaw Augmentation in the drop-down list) Andrew Jacono did wonders with my jaw angle augmentation. I'd always thought my face was very thin on the bottom, but had no idea what could fix that. Dr. Jacono immediately said I'd be a good candidate for a jaw augmentation... READ MORE

24 Years Old Asian - Sydney, AU

Im just sharing my result from my jaw or massetter botox 4 months ago (pics taken at 3 months). had 180 units of dysport in total for both side (equivalent to 30-35 units of botox on each side). The downside is my face feels heavy especially the left one and i notice slight sagging. Im not sure... READ MORE

I Do Know What Needs to Be Done. Los Angeles, CA

In 2006 an ex stomped my face and i pretty sure my jaw was broken i wasn't never able to go to the doctor it heal enough where it didn't hurt and in 2014 i got my wisdom teeth out and i guess the wisdom teeth were supporting my jaw now it hurt all the time and you can see the different so can... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Double Jaw Surgery - Montevideo, Uruguay

After 2 teeth removed (plus two wisdom teeth) and nearly 4 years of wearing braces I got my double jaw surgery. There is a lot to talk about but at the time of writing this post it has been 7 months since the surgery. My upper jaw was moved forward 8mm and rotated left 2 mm. The lower jaw was... READ MORE

Absolutelly Excellent. Been Wanting a Chin Reduction For Years - Indianapolis, IN

I had been wanting to get a chin reduction for years and of course when you are thinking about messing with your face there is a lot of apprehension and fear but I decided life is too short not to change something about yourself that you dont like. The reason I wanted to get something done... READ MORE

Life-Changing Double Jaw Surgery & Reduction Genioplasty. Brisbane, AU

I'd hated my smile and my appearance since around age 14. I had braces in my teenage years that corrected my bite, but my prognathic jaw, small mid-face and large chin were never addressed. I was always incredibly self-conscious about smiling and having my photo taken. I approached... READ MORE

I finally had my jaw surgery done

I would like ask questions to the doctors and members here. I need your opinion. I am going to have an orthognathic surgery as my orthodontist told me to see an oral surgeon. I have been wearing braces for 1 year and 11 months now. I have an under bite and crossed bite. My teeth are all lined up... READ MORE

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