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When Should Swelling Dissipate After IPL?

I am 51. I had an IPL two days ago. Some parts of my face are still swollen especially under my eyes. (The brochure said swelling for a few hours or a... READ MORE

IPL for Dark Circles

I have these dark circles under my eyes and I am curious if ipl would fade them... And how long would the healing take so I could return to work.... READ MORE

Can IPL Cause Fat Loss if Used Undereyes?

I had one IPL treatment a couple days ago to treat undereye dark circles, procedure took 30 seconds. Now I am finding a bunch of reviews over the... READ MORE

IPL or Tri-Luma for Under Eye Hemosiderin Stain After Juvederm?

Does IPL or Tri-Luma help correct hemosiderin stains? I ended up with severe bruising after Juvederm injections under my eyes. Thanks. READ MORE

Under Eye Swelling Worse After IPL

Is it normal for under eye swelling after IPL treatment to be worse at 2 days after procedure than it was one day after? And if so, how long before... READ MORE

IPL Under Eyes to Reduce Dark Circles- Will Results Continue To Improve In First Week?

I had my first IPL therapy performed under my eyes to help reduce the apperance of dark circles. I can see dramatic improvement (day three. I was... READ MORE

I Had IPL and a Month Later Indentations Around my Eyes That Weren't There Before-can It Grow Back?

I am afraid IPL caused fat loss under my eyes. At The top of my cheeks where they meet the bottom of my undereye area there is a groove that I never... READ MORE

IPL Treatment for Under Eye Area?

What are your views on IPL treatment for blood vessels or broken capillaries under the eyes? Would you recommend it? Thank you! READ MORE

Can IPL Be Used to Treat Broken Capillaries Under Eyes?

I am almost ready to go see a Dr. about my Broken Capillaries. I have gotten some great information about the IPL. I also have some broken capillaries... READ MORE

35% TCA Peel or IPL Laser for Wrinkles on Male Face?

Which one of these 2 procedures would you recommend for facial wrinkles for males? Especially under the eyes? I have a fair/light skin, age 37. READ MORE

IPL for Dark Freckles Under Eye - Is It Safe?

I have had a test patch done on my face for IPL for freckles on my face, I have fair freckly skin and sensitive around cheek area, I have three dark... READ MORE

How long for a broken capillary to disappear/fade after IPL? (I'm on day 5)

I had IPL done on a broken capillary on my cheekbone/under eye. The swelling and extra redness has now gone and the capillary looks just the same as... READ MORE

IPL Laser Best for Under Eye Blood Vessels?

Do u think the IPL treatment is the most effective laser against under-eye blood vessels ? What do you recommend is the most beneficial laser for this... READ MORE

I Had a IPL Treatment and Juvederm Under my Eyes?

I had an IPL treatment and Juvederm injections 5 weeks ago, I have had both procedures done before but not at the same time. This time I had IPL and... READ MORE

Best treatment options (surgical or non-surgical) for thin, crinkly under eye skin within orbital bone? (Photo)

Consulted with derms and surgeons that say issue is above orbital bone, can't inject fillers. I had filler put as close as possible to the bone,... READ MORE

When will this broken capillary (thread vein) fade? 11 days post IPL (29 sept)

Small broken capillary under the eye/cheekbone area. My settings were at 26 joules and this was my second IPL. READ MORE

Burned from IPL and left with a brownish/red mark under my eye - Which lasers will work best? (Photo)

I had a bbl burn THREE wks ago (the dr tried to treat a super black bruise under the eye). i blistered in a couple of areas and i am left with... READ MORE

Has IPL Permanently Damaged my Skin?

In Dec 2009 i had my first IPL session for dark pigmentation under each eye. I had a total of 3 sessions over the course of 3-4mths & each session... READ MORE

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