Can IPL Be Used to Treat Broken Capillaries Under Eyes?

I am almost ready to go see a Dr. about my Broken Capillaries. I have gotten some great information about the IPL. I also have some broken capillaries under and around (the eye bag area) that are purple and blue. These are larger than the Broken Capillaries that are on my cheeks. Can the purple and blue veins be treated with an IPL? How close to under the eye can you get?

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IPL under the eyes

It's great to do your research and know about what you're looking to do before you go so you can make informed decisions and ask questions when you meet with someone.  Well done!

Without seeing your vessels and concerns specifically it's hard to say but for the bluish and purplish veins that can be unsightly around the eyes we generally use our 1064nm YAG laser rather than our IPL.  With the laser we have much greater control of spot size we  treat with and how we deliver energy (how much/how strong and how quickly) to the vessels we wish to treat.  We always use some type of eye shields or protection when working near the eye to protect it.  It's hard to say exactly in your case how close someone can get to the lash line and still be safe.


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IPL works for small capillaries but is less effective for larger veins

Without a picture, it is difficult to answer this question.  IPL is effective for treating small capillaries, however, larger veins are more stubborn to remove and may require different lasers.  Certainly, the intense light of lasers must be used with care in proximity to the eye and protection is often provided with special eye shields.  Many plastic surgeons and dermatologists are experienced in treating blood vessels close the eye and I would recommend speaking with someone about treatment.

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