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When Should Swelling Dissipate After IPL?

I am 51. I had an IPL two days ago. Some parts of my face are still swollen especially under my eyes. (The brochure said swelling for a few hours or a... READ MORE

When does facial skin completely heal after you've been burned from IPL? (photos)

So, during the week of Thanksgiving I decided to do my second IPL of my life. My face had an allergic reaction and was swollen three times it's size... READ MORE

IPL Burn or Bruise? Treated For Minimal Spider Veins and Hormonal Dark Spots.

Treated yesterday for minimal spider veins and hormonal dark spots. Today my eyes are swollen almost shut and have large silver dollar sized burns or... READ MORE

IPL Yesterday and I'm Extremely Swollen on the Left Side. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had an IPL maybe 5 or 7 years ago and did not experience this before. READ MORE

Ipl Burns. I'm Scared I Am Going to Be Scarred?

I had an ipl performed this past Saturday, oct. 6. Afterwards I had severe pain and welts started appearing and turning purple/brown. The next day I... READ MORE

Post IPL treatment: breakouts and pigmentation.

I am 38 years old Asian. I got IPL on 12/8/16. After the treatment, I had scabs all over my face, and my face even got swollen. From day 4, scabs... READ MORE

Facial Swelling after IPL. How can I help to speed up recovery?

Hi, I had IPL 3 days ago and my face is extremely swollen. I have events coming up this week and are concerned about appearing in public. My cheeks... READ MORE

Had IPL treatments in the past. I had Palomar Icon Max G treatment and my face is swollen. Correlation with Hashimotos? (Photo)

Can thyroid disorders create more reactive skin with IPL? Also, if patient has facial hair can that create more swelling? What is advised? My face is... READ MORE

Swollen itchy burns on my legs after my first IPL treatment? (photos)

Immediately after my first ipl laser hair removal treatment, burns statred appearing on my legs where the doctor had started initiating the laser,... READ MORE

I am 45 and have had IPL treatments in the past without any issue until now... I had a treatment on October.

I woke up SUnday (2 days late) and my eyes were swollen. its been 2 weeks and i am still swelling. I've gone to the ER because i was so concerned they... READ MORE

What is the best way to fix large pores? Oily, red, swollen, rough and blackhead prone skin (Photo)

Hello, What is the best way to shrink big pores like mine ?Ive had bad acne maybe 2 years ago and i was using erytromycin lotion to cure it, since... READ MORE

First IPL - burn? Will this get better? (photos)

Had my 1st IPL for sun damage, I said I wanted to go aggressive to on the spots on my cheeks. Am 2 days out and freaking out that this isn't normal,... READ MORE

Help. Is this normal? I'm concerned my face was burned and this could lead to scarring. (photos)

The IPL treatment was done 18 hours ago. She said it was normal; that my skin would clear up in 24-48 hours. The right side of my face is swollen like... READ MORE

IPL very swollen, steroid not helping. Emergency? (photos)

Had IPL before, 2 x at 2 places 10+ years ago, without incident. One IPL 2 days ago and things are horribly wrong. Did everything post-IPL as... READ MORE

How long can I expect this Purple size of a half dollar and small open blister and swelling into my eye go away?

Had first IPL treatment 4days ago by a plastic surgeon to help remove roscea. Have been using ice and vaseline. My face is purple and small blister... READ MORE

IPL treatment and thrush?

I had a treatment today, but later realized I had thrush so i treated it with an oral tablet and external cream. I am now swollen (woke up to myself... READ MORE

I had IPL for red veins - swollen and purple 2 days after? (Photo)

My cheeks are swollen and deep purple colour after ipl 2 days ago. Swelling got better but now one side is more swollen and warm. Is this normal? READ MORE

Will my moon face ever go back to normal?

I had my first IPL treatment three days ago. I have hardly any brown spots but my whole face is swollen. It looks like I have been on prednisone for a... READ MORE

I had my first IPL photo facial 3weeks ago. My right cheek is still noticeably swollen why would this happen?

Cheek still swollen 3weeks post IPL. My right cheek area. How can this be fixed? Is it permanent READ MORE

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