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Do You Need to Stay out of the Sun After an IPL Photorejuvenation Facial and for How Long?

I play a lot of beach volleyball, so staying out of the sun is impossible. Is this treatment only effective for patients who are not constantly... READ MORE

IPL on Sun Exposed Skin

Can IPL be used on sun exposed skin? If not, how much time should a person be unexposed to the sun before and after treatment? READ MORE

How Much Does Sun Exposure Affect IPL Treatment Results?

I am thinking of doing a ipl treatment but some people say that it is better to do it during winter time when the sun is not so strong. Does the... READ MORE

Is it normal to look like this after IPL treatment? Will it heal without scarring? Is it from having sun exposure? (Photo)

IPL had my 4th treatment done yesterday, my face felt burnt I placed cold towels on it for hours. Is this normal. She's telling me its normal and I'll... READ MORE

Is sun sensitivity permanent after IPL?

I had an IPL about a month ago. I am suffering of post inflammatory hyperpigmintation (PIH) all over my face. But even worst I have read reviews that... READ MORE

After an IPL treatment, how long should I avoid the sun?

I just had my first IPL about 30 days ago. And yesterday I went on a boat trip from 10 to 6 with some sun exposure, but always had sunscreen and hat.... READ MORE

Should I Have a Glycolic Skin Peel or IPL Treatment to Rejuvenate my Skin? I Live in the Sun and Im 46yrs Old.

I had a South Beach Peel about 3.5 yrs ago which worked really well, but downtime was too long. I would like to rejuvenate my skin in the next week or... READ MORE

Can limited sun exposure cause significant skin damage after IPL Hair Removal? (Photo0

I had IPL hair removal on my arms, hands, legs, bekini. I never sunbathe but do wear short sleeve tops in summer without SPF. Since the IPL (7... READ MORE

3 minutes in LA sun at 10:15 am 1 day after IPL! Is it too late?

I had IPL yesterday and this morning around 10:15 I was in the sun for 2-3 minutes with a thick layer of A+D cream on my face. I'm in LA and it's a... READ MORE

Does IPL laser make sunspots come back worse when you get in the sun again?

I got a few IPL treatments a yr ago and only had a few spots on my nose from living in Hawaii as a child and getting sunburns. Most went away but a... READ MORE

If I get some sun on me after IPL will the the same freckles? Thanks.

I got badly burnt as a child and was covered in large blisters, and when the blisters went they left large freckles in there place. If I get IPL for... READ MORE

What are the risks for my skin type for sun exposure post IPL? I have very fair/pale skin type.

Hello, I had an IPL treatment to the tops of my shoulders (where I seem to catch the sun). I have been avoiding the sun, but went outside briefly (on... READ MORE

Will skin lightening from IPL pigmentation removal ever resolve? (photo)

I had IPL on my chest and shoulders to treat pigmentation I had in those areas. As you can see the skin that was treated is significantly lighter than... READ MORE

Sensitive and Freckle prone skin after laser?

I've been wanting to do a freckle/sun spot removal treatment on my arms, chest and upper back. I was thinking IPL as it covers a larger area and I... READ MORE

Are these BBL & IPL & CO2 treatments something you can have if you are still going to be in the sun sometimes?

I'm trying to figure out the differences of IPL, BBL, CO2 and so many of these Laser treatments. I have sundamaged skin in my early 50's and spend... READ MORE

Do age spots usually get worse with each subsequent IPL treatment in the long run?

I received 1 IPL treatment for dark spots and did not wear a hat after the 6th day of having the treatment. I also wore a sunblock that was SPF 30... READ MORE

Is This a Cause of a Permanent HYPOpigmentation or It is New Regererated Skin Which Will Regain Its Color Once Exposed to Sun?

I had IPL for hair removal. I deveopled brown skin flaking and 2 blisters. After the brown flakes flaked away it left me with a pink skin. After some... READ MORE

Post IPL Recovery Question

Having IPL on arms & confused on post process regarding sun exposure. I read "avoid sun exposure & apply sun screen for X period of time".I currently... READ MORE

Will superficial peel or IPL treat light brown discoloration caused by Neostrata after 4 months, or worsen it? (Photo)

I had this done many times before with good results(IPL&peel).Before my last treatment I had more sun exposure than usual and my skin was dry(always... READ MORE

A week post IPL treatment I have a burnt top lip. (photo)

Could It be a result of sun exposure post IPL or from the IPL treatment? How can I repair my top lip? Is this damage perminant? Will it heal... READ MORE

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