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Why is It Important to Avoid IPL Laser on a Mole (During Hair Removal)?

Can IPL laser turn a benign mole into melanoma? If not, why do I read that IPL laser should be avoided on a mole? READ MORE

Will Pigmentation in Mole Recur After IPL?

I had IPL about two weeks ago. I have a small, slightly raised facial mole that was pigmented and removed after my second treatment. It went from... READ MORE

Is It True That IPL Affects Moles?

I am going to have my first IPL session for facial hair removal in about one week, but I have a lot of small dark and light mole on my face. I heard... READ MORE

What effect will IPL have on moles? What will they look like after?

I'm considering IPL for treatment of my hyper pigmentation from cumulative sun damage on my face. But I have many small 1-2mm moles on my face as well... READ MORE

Does IPL Cause HYPER- or HYPO-pigmentation of a Mole?

I'm getting mixed messages - some say to avoid IPL on moles because it causes HYPERpigmentation, whereas others use IPL to remove moles! I... READ MORE

Does IPL Remove Beauty Marks?

I had an IPL treatment done last week and the nurse accidentally went over a mole (beauty mark) that I did not want removed. I can see that is started... READ MORE

Would it be okay for me to put a plaster over a mole when using IPL?

I have a mole under my arm which is dark and raised. I am looking to use the Philips IPL machine under my arms but a bit worried about the effect it... READ MORE

I Had IPL on One of my Mole, That Skin Area Get Darker After 3 Weeks, Any Treatment Can Undo That?

I had IPL on one of my mole on my face, it got burned badly and went off after 3 weeks leaving behind a dark area. Is there any treatment that can fix... READ MORE

Will my beauty marks/sun spots return after my IPL photofacial treatments? (Photo)

I have only got one treatment done so far and they faded a lot! I have three more sessions to go. I am planning on doing all three this month (march)... READ MORE

What's wrong with my mole? (Photo)

Hi i just started using philips lumea IPL hair removal and I accidentally use it on my small mole, the color is changed, it's kind of lighter. Am so... READ MORE

Will IPL for flat moles remove pigmentation? (Photo)

Hi there, I have what I believe to be several flat moles on my back and abdomen. They aren't raised and are as smooth as my skin but are a dark brown... READ MORE

Vaseline, Aloe gel or La Rouche-Pousay's Cicaplast for atrophic (sunken) scar? (Photo)

I had a mole removed with IPL - laser 3 weeks ago and the scar seems to have sunken in to form a degression or a small hole. Should I apply regular... READ MORE

IPL Hair Removal system ~ SmoothSkin Bare ~ Moles Question

Okay, i got myself a device called SmoothSkin Bare it's IPL thingy.. And reading Instruction it says. DO NOT use over Birthmarks or Moles, but i have... READ MORE

Can I make my IPL mole/freckle/brown spot removal more effective?

I just got an IPL treatment for moles/freckles/brown spots I have all over my body. My doctor said that 2 spots in particular might not disappear... READ MORE

IPL vs TCA peel for pinpoint treatment of individual freckles and moles?

I have a spray of freckles across my nose and cheeks that I’d like to keep, but individual freckles that are too dark I’d like removed - same for mol... READ MORE

Is laser or IPL worth it to remove moles and freckles?

I have had freckles on my face and shoulders since I can remember I also have a bunch of moles would getting rid of them all be worth it is there a... READ MORE

IPL to Remove Dark Spots/moles?

I have fair skin but have a few very dark spots about 2mm in diameter on my chest and neck, about 10 of them. They are regular in shape and flat on... READ MORE

Can IPL Be Used to Treat Scars?

I had a mole removed by radiosurgery. It was bright red, and over the last 7-8 months has become lighter, a brown color (not dissimilar to the mole).... READ MORE

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