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IPL Laser Hypopigmentation

I had IPL 1 week ago on my chest for hyperpigmentation. Should I be worried now about post treatment hypopigmention? Directly after the treatment I... READ MORE

Treatment for IPL Laser Burns?

2 years ago (8/08) I had IPL laser treatment to remove freckling on my chest at a "Medical Spa". The tech. apparently did NOT know what she... READ MORE

No Results 7 Days After IPL

I do not see any changes after 7 days of getting IPL on my face, neck and chest. Is this normal? READ MORE

Blisters to Chest, Back and Legs After IPL

One week ago, today, I had the IPL laser tx on my entire body excluding my stomach. I was not told that blisters would develop. Actually, she (the... READ MORE

I Have Rectangular Markings 3 Days Post-IPL on Chest/Neck. How Can I Heal Quickly?

I am terrified that I will have permanent marks after reading many horror stories. I've had this done before (2 years ago)and didn't have the... READ MORE

Two IPL Treatments Instead of 4 to 5?

I consulted with a dermatologist about IPL treatment to remove age spots or sun discoloration on my face, chest, and hands. He recommends only 2... READ MORE

IPL or Laser Treatments for Rosacea Treatment?

I have rosacea and my skin is very sensitive. Which would be better, IPL or laser treatments? A bad experience with IPL on my chest left welts under... READ MORE

Treatment to Fade 2nd Degree Burn Mark. Will IPL or Other Treatment Work?

I'd 2nd deg burn 3 wks ago in the chest,arm & on the face near the mouth. Has almost healed with dark patch. I'm brown skinned & wondering... READ MORE

IPL Safety Measures?

I am a light-skinned female interested in IPL to remove freckles from sun on my chest, shoulders and back. After reading many of the horror stories... READ MORE

Will IPL help my chest for wrinkles and sun damage? (photos)

I want to know if IPL would help my chest area? If not what laser treatment would be best to help. I am getting wrinkles and sun damage. READ MORE

IPL or Laser Hair Removal Setting Concerns

I'm a male, and I would love to remove some hair on my chest, and also some on my face. But I really don't want to get burned, even though they all... READ MORE

I had my 3rd IPL on my chest today and got severe burns, what can I do to heal this atrocity? (photos)

My 3rd IPL on my chest, yes I did have a tan, but the same as the last 2 times which went great.The NP that performed past treatments left so the Dr.... READ MORE

IPL For Sun Freckles on Chest and Back Made Me Red and Extremely Itchy

I itch severely. I bought some anti itch cortisone and some topical that kills staph so it doesnt get infected. At what point should I go to my... READ MORE

Is IPL Good for Redness Caused by Sun Damage

I have a lot of redness on my upper chest (decollete area) and wrinkles from past sun damage. Is IPL the best treatment for this condition? If not... READ MORE

Is IPL Therapy for Chest or Face

I need to have my face and a few areas on my chest treated (red and brown marks/sun damage). Can I have IPL for these areas, or is it for one... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation After IPL?

I had IPL done on my face, chest, back and arms back in January. My face and chest turned out fine. However, 3-4 weeks after, my back and arms dropped... READ MORE

IPL to Chest Area with Redness? (photo)

I had IPL to my chest 4 days ago. There are a lot of brown pigmented areas, which I understand will peel off. However, my concern is that the brown... READ MORE

How to Fix Severe Burn by IPL on Chest?

I had an IPL on my chest over 3 weeks ago and was "extremely" burned. I now have striping across my chest and breast area. I was told by a... READ MORE

Burns after IPL on face, neck, chest. What is the best treatment for this? (photo)

I had IPL at lunchtime yesterday on all three areas. About 3 hours later several blisters appeared on my chest and some lumpiness on my face, which... READ MORE

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