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How Should I Handle Hyperpigmentation from IPL Burns?

I am an Asian female who underwent IPL to treat folliculitus and ingrown hairs. On my fourth treatment I suffered superficial burns on my bikini line,... READ MORE

IPL in Bikini Area Affects Reproductive System?

Could IPL to bikini area affect the reproductive system like ovaries? I'm considering doing laser to my bikini area but I want to know if it has any... READ MORE

I Had IPL for Brazilian Bikini. Can That Result in Loss of Clitoral Sensation?

I just had IPL treatment done for Brazilian bikini. Can the intense light result in reduction of clitoral sensation? I noticed reduced sensitivity in... READ MORE

Hair Falling with IPL Method: "Permanently" Gone?

2 weeks after I had my first session using IPL method in the bikini area, I noticed that most (not all) hair went away without much effort. And my... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use IPL on Bikini Area?

Can IPL be used on sensitive body areas such as bikini area for hyperpigmentation? READ MORE

At What Age Can One Go for EPL or IPL?

At what age can one go for EPL or IPL? My 10 yo daughter is active in swimming and find it embrarrassing about underarm and bikini line hair growth READ MORE

Does IPL Give Effective Results?

I am currently undergoing IPL hair removal treatment on the bikinni area, but I have been told that after a year or two from the treatment, the hair... READ MORE

Brazilian IPL?

I have done brazilian IPL for the past one year (more than 10 times), however on my last treatment (which is about 1 - 2 months interval), it was... READ MORE

I Have PCOS, I Get IPL Hair for Bikini Area and Get my Periods Every Time After the Treatment?

I have PCOS,irregural periods,i have had 4 treatment of IPL hair removel done to my,full bikini area,almost full body.Now i normally get my periods... READ MORE

How Can Brazilian Ipl Affect a Fertilized Egg?

Hi.. i had my last menses march13.. had my brazilian ipl session april8 (not knowing i am pregnant).. what could be a possible effect of the ipl to my... READ MORE

Hyper pigmentation or tattoo from black marker pen in contact with IPL laser, is this permanent?

72 hours on from ipl hair removal. The beautician went over the areas she had asked me to mark with the ipl laser. I'm now left with as attached,... READ MORE

I'm Nit Really Seeing Any Majorly Noticeable Results Yet from Ipl After 8 Sessions, Will I Need Many More Sessions?

I'm having my bikini area, backs of thighs and nipples done and thought all the hair would be gone after 8 sessions, usually taken 4 or 5 weeks apart.... READ MORE

Can limited sun exposure cause significant skin damage after IPL Hair Removal? (Photo0

I had IPL hair removal on my arms, hands, legs, bekini. I never sunbathe but do wear short sleeve tops in summer without SPF. Since the IPL (7... READ MORE

Is IPL Specifically Brazilian Contraindicated for Pregant or Working on Pregancy?

Im undergoing IPL for brazilian , i still dont know if im pregant though..its still 3 weeks after my LMP but me and my husband have been trying to get... READ MORE

Whitening skin before using IPL

My skin is darker in some places for example my bikini area is darker but my normal skin is medium or lighter. My question is can I whiten my bikini... READ MORE

Can I Epilate After IPL?

I have had 5 treatments of IPL on my legs and bikini line. I am to have a 6th session but not for another 3/4 months (doctor is on holiday). I wanted... READ MORE

Is It Dangerous to Use IPL for Hair Removal at Home on Bikini Line?

Also i sometimes use it befor my period, will that affect me in the future if i want to get pergnant, as sometimes i noticed a delays in my periods as... READ MORE

IPL is often used for hair removal in intimate area. Is It Possible to Catch a Infection During IPL Hair Removal Treatment?

IPL is often used for hair removal in intimate area. Is that safe regarding bacterial, fungal or viral infection like human papilloma virus? READ MORE

More Fair Hair Regrowth After Treatment of IPL on Bikini Area, Why is This?

I have been receiving IPL for my bikini area I was almost hair free until this last visit, which the tech changed the intensity for my fairer hair.... READ MORE

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