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What Side Effects Can Be Expected from IPL Photorejuvenation?

Is it normal to have striped swelling on the entire face after IPL photorejuvenation? It went from red and swollen to a quilted pattern. It has been 7... READ MORE

White Pimple-like Blisters After IPL

My goal is to get rid of red bumps due to Rosacea. After my first IPL treatment, my face was really red and swollen. After 24 hours, on top of the red... READ MORE

1 Day After IPL Photofacial I have Brown Spots Everywhere on My Face, is this a Normal Reaction?

I had an IPL Photofacial done yesterday. Immediately after procedure, my face was very red and felt on fire. After 1.5 hours, redness went down along... READ MORE

I was told to do nothing to my IPL burn / blister. Is this right?

I had IPL this afternoon. Have had it twice before over a 3 year period so know what to expect. The machine burnt me this time. The practitioner... READ MORE

Upset and Very Scared After Ipl. Afraid my Face is Ruined. Eyes Are Swollen Shut and Bruising.

I received ipl yesterday for a few broken capillaries on my cheeks and a couple patches of over pigmentation due to hormone replacement therapy. I am... READ MORE

Bumps, Tenderness, and Redness Normal After an Intense IPL Treatment?

I have had one milder IPL treatment and had no side effects We are trying to reduce the appearance of my acne scars since they are not very deep and... READ MORE

Are These Marks After my First IPL Treatment Normal? (photo)

I had my first IPL treatment yesterday and I seem to have formed these purple/black marks. Are they burn marks? or is this normal during the treatment? READ MORE

Are Dark Red Spots Around Nose Normal After IPL Treatment?

I had my first IPL treatment yesterday and overall have just had the side effects that I was told about and expecting (some swelling under my eyes,... READ MORE

Redness and Burning Normal 24hours After IPL?

I had an IPL treatment 24 hours ago at a spa that has an IPULSE IPL machine that does no more than 19joules. This is not my first treatment with an... READ MORE

Normal To Have a Grid-like Dark Brown Lines Across my Forehead After IPL? How Long Will This Last?

I had my first IPl treatment yesterday for multiple hyperpigmented sunspots on my face. I did my research and selected an experienced dermatologist... READ MORE

Will these red spots go away from an IPL treatment yesterday? (photo)

They look like bruises?? I am not sure if they are bruises or more broken capillaries? READ MORE

IPL Burn or Bruise? Treated For Minimal Spider Veins and Hormonal Dark Spots.

Treated yesterday for minimal spider veins and hormonal dark spots. Today my eyes are swollen almost shut and have large silver dollar sized burns or... READ MORE

I had ipl on patches of my legs 5 hours ago. I'm so worried about what's happened? (photo)

The beautician told me to mark the areas in advance. I did so with black marker pen. She went over the lines themselves and now I have raised dark red... READ MORE

IPL Yesterday and I'm Extremely Swollen on the Left Side. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had an IPL maybe 5 or 7 years ago and did not experience this before. READ MORE

Does this look like the typical result the day after IPL for sunspots? (photo)

Got elos skin rejuvenation yesterday on my forearms. Setting was at 15. Include are pictures I took this morning less than 24 hours after procedure.... READ MORE

What can I do with major allergic reaction to an IPL I had done yesterday? (photo)

I had an IPL treatment yesterday, which has resulted in major swelling, redness, and itchiness on my face (see photo of me attached below). Since last... READ MORE

Today I Had my First IPL Treatment to Treat Mild Acne(to Kill Bacteria), I Have A Few New Freckles, Will They Fade?

Today I had my first IPL treatment to treat mild acne(to kill bacteria), I noticed there are a few freckles rise to the surface.Will they fade away?... READ MORE

3 minutes in LA sun at 10:15 am 1 day after IPL! Is it too late?

I had IPL yesterday and this morning around 10:15 I was in the sun for 2-3 minutes with a thick layer of A+D cream on my face. I'm in LA and it's a... READ MORE

Burns after IPL on face, neck, chest. What is the best treatment for this? (photo)

I had IPL at lunchtime yesterday on all three areas. About 3 hours later several blisters appeared on my chest and some lumpiness on my face, which... READ MORE

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