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Does Invisalign Move the Roots of Your Teeth Like Traditional Braces?

Is it true that Invisalign does not move the roots of your teeth, like traditional braces do? Is it true that you would have to wear your retainers... READ MORE

Is Invisalign a Risk for Teeth That Have Small Roots?

Is Invisalign a Risk for Teeth That Have Small Roots? READ MORE

Can roots of a tooth fuse to the bone?

I've been told recently that statistics say after the age of 26, the probability of being able to retrieve an impacted tooth such as the "I tooth" and... READ MORE

Is Invisalign to Blame for my Teeth Issues?

I Have Experienced Many Problems with my Teeth, Cracked Roots, Etc.,  As I mentioned above, I used Invisalign braces for about a year when I... READ MORE

Loose tooth on retainer 16/31. Should I be worried?

Saw my hygienest/dentist the other day and when cleaning my lower teeth she became concerned. She implied that there was significant movement and that... READ MORE

Am I Automatically Not a Candidate for Invisalign Because of Root Resorption?

I removed my metal braces 6 years ago, and to make a long story short I wanted to get Invisalign for some mild changes of my top 4 front teeth. I went... READ MORE

Acceledent with Invisalign. Does it reduce treatment time?

I cannot find much information about acceledent and reviews on it. It is meant to speed up your treatment. My plan in Invisalign for 14 months and it... READ MORE

I stopped my Invisalign treatment. Can the root change its shape and length on its own? (Photo)

Hi doctors, The X ray on the left was taken in 2012-09 when I was still in invisalign treatment. The one on the right was taken in 2014-08. I stopped... READ MORE

I am advised not to use Acceledent. Does the device cause increased root resorption?

I am 37 years old. When I was 14 I have worn traditional braces. Now I started with Invisalign. 25 trays. Go my first 3 trays and was told to wear the... READ MORE

Short roots, overbite and 9mm overjet - best treatment option (Invisalign, traditional braces, any quick fix?) (Photo)

Hi there, I am wondering is there any other alternative to traditional braces for my overbite and overjet? I am 27 so really hoping to avoid braces. I... READ MORE

I need corrective jaw surgery but my roots to my teeth are too short to do braces. Would Invisalign work?

My roots are to short to do braces, cause the orthodontist thinks some teeth would fall out, would invsalign work READ MORE

Is it possible to get Invisalign with a rootless tooth?

I don't want to move that single tooth so can Invisalign still do its job without touching that tooth? If not,what method can do this? Thanks in advance. READ MORE

Will I need to remove the entire root to continue with Invisalign?

I had four extractions done, 3/4 teeth came out fine however one tooth there is a small remaining part of the root. The dentist assured it would be... READ MORE

Can my upper teeth be pushed back upward with Invisalign? (Photos)

I asked orthodontist for night retainers,20 yr old retainer broke.Orthodontist sold me on Invisalign.Finally admitting to mistake. She wanted to... READ MORE

I'm 14 and I Really Want to Fix my Teeth. I Also Have REALLY Short Roots and my Teeth Are Bad. Would Invisalign Help Me? (photo)

Yes I'm missing on front tooth because I got hit and they couldn't save it because of the short roots READ MORE

Invisalign with Acceledent (concerned about root resorption). Any suggestions?

I started Invisalign (32 trays) and just started tray 5 with attachments. My orthodontist had me wear the first four trays for 10 days each using... READ MORE

Changing trays every week?

I was told by my ortho's assistant to change my trays every 7 days. On a scale on 1-10 and 1 be having perfect teeth alignments and 10 being the... READ MORE

Tooth discoloration and root sensitivity with Invisalign? (Photos)

If I press on the root of my 3rd tooth (on my gum through the cheek, close to my nose), I have dull pain that goes all the way down to the tooth. The... READ MORE

Will Invisalign shorten my teeth roots?

My teeth are super crooked. I went to a orthodontist last week to get braces. However, I was told that my teeth roots are way too short and braces... READ MORE

My orthodontist has suggested I could reduce tray changing from 7 days to 4 days. (I'm using Acceledent too).

Is this too frequent? Could it risk root resorption? I'm excited by the idea of a shortened treatment time however concerned about potential longer... READ MORE

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