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Why is a Invisalign Refinement Needed if Teeth Fit Final Tray?

If technically the invisalign system works by slowly changing the shape of the tray so that the teeth may fit on each position and shape of the tray,... READ MORE

Replacing Invisalign Refinement Aligners Every 7 Days?

I've just started my Invisalign refinement and am on aligner 1 of 10. My ortho's assistant has instructed me to wear each aligner for 7 days. She... READ MORE

INVISALIGN - I am on my 21st aligner and I have 22 in total. How long will refinements take?

I started the invisalign program nearly a year ago and I'm just about on my last aligner. All my teeth are now completely straight except for my front... READ MORE

What is the New Material Used by Invisalign?

My orthodontist mentioned that my refinement trays would be made of a new material introduced a few weeks ago. What will be the difference in my new... READ MORE

Refinement is Needed After Invisalign. Should I Get Traditional Braces or More Trays? (photo)

I just finished my last set of invisalign trays today. My orthodontist told me that I need a refinement and gave me two options: get traditional... READ MORE

Can I get a refund if invisalign didn't work for me?

I'm now at the end of my first refinement with invisalign but still it didn't resolve my midline and bite issues. My dentist isn't an orthodontist.... READ MORE

Invisalign Passive Refinements? (photo)

Hello, I am 15 months into my Invisalign treatment and am now on my 5th refinement tray of 18. I had IPR done on the third tray, and my gaps are... READ MORE

Should I push for some refinement trays or settle with my result following full invisalign and a spring retainer? (photo)

I finished my invisalign with 21 top/23 bottom trays. At my last appointment, my otho said,"Let's go ahead and make your retainers". I wasn't... READ MORE

Unsatisfied with Results, No Refinement Trays Offered by Doctor? (photo)

Paid £3,950 (~$6,300) for 12 trays Invisalign Lite in London. Feeling overcharged. I put ib the last tray in December. I am not happy with my upper ... READ MORE

I'm wearing one rubber band. Should I wear one of the opposite side?

Hi there, I recently started the refinement stage of Invisalign, which now includes rubber bands. They hooked the right side for me at the office,... READ MORE

At tray 20 from 29, why did k-9 tooth stop tracking. After 28 trays I've got 41 refinement trays.

I'm concerned about the large amount of refinements, I have had 14 buttons placed on my upper teeth and 8 on my bottom. My bottom teeth are straight.... READ MORE

Does Refinements Give You a Better Result?

Im wondering do refinements correct your teeth to reach the same result your initial clincheck shows you if your teeth dont turn out the same result... READ MORE

Should my orthodontist charge me for Invisalign refinements?

Hi, I've been with Invisalign for a few months and currently on tray 15 (out of 24). Unfortunately the upper tray doesn't fit perfectly anymore (a few... READ MORE

First Refiner Tray - How Many Days?

Greetings all, I just got my first set of refiners today. My ortho said the first tray was actually a passive aligner, so I only had to wear it for a... READ MORE

My Invisalign Refinement Treatment is the Same As my Original Plan - 18 Trays. Is This Normal?

Currently there is still some slight crowding on my lower front teeth. Not happy about this -makes me wish I would have gone with traditional braces. READ MORE

Can I fix my midline without braces?

My midline is off on my upper teeth. If you go down the middle of my face the space between the two front teeth are slightly to the right. This is... READ MORE

Do you have to wear upper and lower refinement trays?

I only have two weeks left on my Invisalign treatment. My uppers look perfect. I have one tooth that needs tweaking on the bottom. Do I have to wear... READ MORE

Can I Still Get Invisalign Refinements After Retainer?

I currently have the retainers now after my Invisalign plan. I noticed my top two teeth are slightly crooked still and already went through 1... READ MORE

Why are my refinement trays the same number as the first ones?

Hallo. I finished my 21 U+L trays, with 13 attachments in. They seemed to work, they all fit. I've got now 21 U+L refinements, 8 attachments. I'm very... READ MORE

Can I Do A Invisalign Refinement After Retainer?

I just finished my first round of refinement for Invisalign. I have to do a second round for the top, but moving on to retainers for the bottom. I'm... READ MORE

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