Recession + Invisalign

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Invisalign Bonding Agent Covering Whole Tooth, Is This Ok?

I just got my Invisalign yesterday. I have some gumline recession on a few of my teeth, and attachments were required on some of those teeth. The... READ MORE

Can taking hot showers and getting some hot water in mouth made my Invisalign treatment less effective? Do I restart Invisalign?

I just got done with invisalign treatment and am now on retainers. i was wondering if taking hot showers and getting some hot water in my mouth worn... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for Invisalign?

Also I'm concerned about gum recession. I have a tooth #21 that appears to be reabsorbing and the ligament is non existent via X-ray READ MORE

I am 62 years old and have been battling tooth recession since in my 20s. Will Invisalign help?

I have healthy gums, but continue with recession. I have several crowns and a bridge. My dentist feels that I would benefit from this tx. Would like... READ MORE

What is causing my gum recession?

I've gotten opinions from 2 dentists. 1 believes it's a result of my edge to edge bite while another believes it's because of my tongue thrust problem... READ MORE

Ortho recommends ending Invisalign treatment because of gum recession? (Photo)

Today I finished my first set of Invisalign trays 29/U, 32/Lower. My teeth are not quite straight yet and I still have an overbite (photos). I told my... READ MORE

am i good candidate for invisalign? as i already be treated with traditional braces but after 2 year same issues (photos)

My age 27 & i have gums recession issues with weak bone in my lower section of jaw.i wear traditional braces since 1 year & after my dentist... READ MORE

Invisalign on two veneers, worried about moving them and gum recession? (Photo)

I had metal braces for 1 yr and my bottom teeth were still slightly crooked. After I got braces off I got two veeners on my two front teeth , went... READ MORE

Significant gum recession on 1 bottom tooth from my teeth being pushed forward to create space (using Invisalign). What do I do?

The tooth next to it looks like it's very close to having the same happen to it (the gum looks very thin and has almost become translucent).... READ MORE

Gum recession and visalign; my options? (Photos)

Hi,my front bottom teeth has gum recession. Am actually scared the tooth might fall out or the gum will get worse. Also am a nervous patient and... READ MORE

Is gum recession from Invisalign permanent?

I've had Invisalign for nearly two years now (33 trays originally then another set of 20, currently on 19). At a dental checkup about 3 months ago... READ MORE

Can Invisalign be used to correct nighttime grinding and the gum recession below lower front teeth?

Is this a common use of Invisalign and does it tend to be successful/worth the investment? I was told the problem is that my bite is off due to... READ MORE

Can pressure from Invisalign aligners directly cause recession of the interdental papillae?

I'm not referring to the movement of teeth or contact points resulting in the "black triangle." I'm referring to the plastic of the invisalign... READ MORE

Is Invisalign dangerous for slight gum recession or popping jaw?

I'm 41 yrs old and considering going to a top 1% Invisalign ortho for a consult but first wondering: 1) I've been told for years I have some gum... READ MORE

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