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Gum Recession Due To Invisalign? (photo)

I am on trays 14/24. Around tray 6, I noticed gum recession one tooth. My trays were trimmed. The gum doesn't appear to be getting worse but my... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Work with Receding Gum Issues That Are Semi-under Control?

My teeth have never been perfect, my right front tooth has always protruded and I have a crown on it dues to an injury as a child. I'm 54 and now,... READ MORE

Will my big buck teeth remain too long and huge after Invisalign treatment? (Photo)

I have over-jet, huge buck teeth and I'll be getting the Invisalign treatment in two months' time. As you can see, my two front teeth are over-sized... READ MORE

Do I Really Need Invisalign for Bite Correction/Gum Recession Issues? I Have No Cosmetic Concerns That Would Prompt Me to Do It

My dentist found some gum recession on the inner aspect of my upper molars. Based on the pattern of the recession, he says it is most likely caused by... READ MORE

Invisalign for Receding Teeth?

I would like to know is it worth getting Invisalign if my teeth are receding? And is $5000 dollars reasonable for bottom teeth? READ MORE

Invisalign With Gum Recession? (photo)

Is it possible to broaden the smile with invasiling if I have gum recesion? READ MORE

Need a second opinion, dentist says I need Invisalign for receding gums totaling $5900 with insurance? (photos)

My receding gums are only on my bottom anterior teeth, and 2 posterior from each side on the bottom. He says I have an issue with overbite and I'll... READ MORE

Can some of my receding gum problem be from my bite?

I recently went to a new dentist and was told that part of the reason my gums are receding was because of my bite. My lower teeth hit the back of my... READ MORE

Do I have a bite problem? (Photo)

I've finished all 28 trays of Invisalign already, but I still seem to have an edge-to-edge bite. I also have a receded chin, don't know they're... READ MORE

This is a follow up question. My dentist ignored my request to get sealant on the bottom of my teeth where the gum receded.

Yes the the dentist who told me I need invisalign is the same one that will perform it. After he told me about needing invisalign he went ahead and... READ MORE

Advise on Gum Recession from Misalignment and Invisalign treatment? (photos)

During a consultation, I was recommended Invisalign to fix my receding gums. 3 weeks later, they began aggressively receding & my teeth shifted.... READ MORE

Invisalign: Can IPR affect face shape and profile?

Hi, I know that extracting to create space can cause the teeth to move back and affect the shape of your face. Since IPR is essentially the same... READ MORE

Do I have a receding chin? And what can I do to make the jawline more pronounced? (photos)

Can braces or Invisalign fix it? Or what may ? Will I be able to get a sharp jaw line as my face is longer from nose to the back is long , not from... READ MORE

Does Invisalign increase the receding of the gum?

I am 33 years old and i want to straighten my teeth. I am a bit confused between going with the invisalign or the traditional braces, i read a lot... READ MORE

Will my lower gum raise back up?

I'm on number 18 of 22 invisalign's. When my orthodontist saw the receding gum line he just cut my new ones higher. READ MORE

How to stop gum receding during invisalign treatment? Is this normal? What can I do to prevent further damage? (photo)

I am on invisalign tray 7/20 and I feel like slowly more and more of the base of my teeth are showing at the gum line which is leading to some... READ MORE

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