Can Invisalign Work with Receding Gum Issues That Are Semi-under Control?

My teeth have never been perfect, my right front tooth has always protruded and I have a crown on it dues to an injury as a child. I'm 54 and now, I have peridontal issues (which I try to keep under control with laser treatments and care) and receding gum issues. As a result, my teeth have shifted, and my front tooth sticks out to the point of embarrassment. Can invisalign work with for me when I have receding gum issues that are semi-under control?

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Invisalign & Receding Gum Issue

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It actually works better than braces in such cases. Part of the reason for receding gums is due to poor bite and poor teeth position and invisalign can treat this issue. Keep in mind, you need to have the gum issue under control first.  Get an evaluation by a Periodontist before starting orthodontic treatment. 

New York Dentist

Invisalign and receding gums

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If there is active inflamation in your gums you should get it under control before starting any tooth movement, whether with braces or Invisalign.  Your dentist or a periodontist should be able to tell you with a high degree of accuracy if your gums are healthy enough for tooth movement.  The crown may need replacing in order to obtain the most esthetic result, and if this is planned make sure the dentist, periodontist, and orthodontist coordinate their care.  You didn't mention this but sometimes protruding front teeth can be exacerbated by a bite problem.  If this is the case you may wish to discuss having the bite corrected as well as the teeth straightened. 

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Cordination of periodontal issues with Invisalign

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Good direction from other doctors.  Yours is a definite coordination case and periodontal health is important  as is a replacement of your crown and evening out of gum tissues for best end results.  This would end up giving you a gorgeous end result.  Definitely involve your dentist and a periodontist (gum specialist) which he can refer you to to verify gum health.  Your dentist can do the Invisalign, if he is certified, or send you to an orthodontist. The porcelain replacement for the crown can also be done by your dentist but he may want to involve the periodontist with aligning the gum tissues after Invisalign is completed and before the crown is replaced.  Good luck!

Team Approach Needed

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Given your history, your case is more involved than you think.  You should seek the opinion of a periodontist to address your receding gums, gum discrepancy between your two front teeth and any other periodontal issues that need treatment to return your gums to a healthy condition before undergoing any orthodontics.  Following  periodontal clearance you can move forward under the guidance of your general dentist, the periodontist and the orthodontist to develop an orthodontic and restorative treatment plan and obtain a great result.

Best of Luck!!

Gary Nack, DDS
Philadelphia Dentist

Invisalign and receding gum

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before you start orthodontic treatment with invisalign or braces your gum (peeriodontal) tissue needs to be under control, so it doesn't get worse during treatment.  Your orthodontist and periodontist will decide on the right management of your teeth and gum tissue.

Hasan Othman, DDS, MS, PhD
Lombard Orthodontist

Invisalign-A great treatment

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The receding gums issue is an indication of periodontal disease( an infection of the bone that surrounds your teeth) and unfortunately a consequence of this receding gum issue/periodontal disease is that teeth tend to move and rotate.  What you are experiencing is not uncommon.  This being said, you're in luck because as long as the periodontal disease  is under control you can do Invisalign.  So don't wait another minute go find an Invisalign provider and Love your smile again.

Dr. Efren Cortes   

Efren Cortes, DDS
Westport Dentist

Invisalign only helps with tooth position

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Even if the teeth are straight, the soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth may not look as desired. A consultation with a periodontist would be best.

Can Invisalign Work with Receding Gum Issues That Are Semi-under Control?

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Thanks for asking a great question. Invisalign is a excellent option to acheive a great looking smile even in early and moderate periodontal cases. As long as teeth with recession are rotated in and not out, it is usually safe in such cases. I am doing a case similar to your right now, and it is going well.  Each case is different though and should be diagnosed by Invisalign doctor.

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